Heat Vs Pacers: Eastern Conference Championship Series NBA Fans Wanted

Eastern Conference Championship Team Miami Heat

Heat Vs Pacers: Eastern Conference Championship Series NBA Fans Wanted

It is about to go down and it just what basketball fans wanted. The Miami Heat versus the Indiana Pacers for the Eastern Conference Championship. All season long, Pacers’ fan wanted some payback for their loss to eventual NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. They finally get the chance beginning Sunday. Fans this should be another epic NBA Playoff series; therefore, if you have not already, it is time grab NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat – Home Game 1 Tickets. Why get the ticket, now if you need answers, you are not true basketball fan. It’s the Pacers Vs Heat.

Eastern Conference Championship Team Indiana Pacers

Keys to Success for Indiana Pacers to win the Eastern Conference Championship

1. Dominate on the low-block
2. Force anyone else not named LeBron James or D-Wade to win the game.
3. Paul George must have a great series on offense.
4. Offense cannot stall and go minutes without scoring.
5. There must be second-player that will help George on offense
6. Hibbert cannot take any games off.
7. Keep the Heat’s fastbreak points to a minimum
8. Have Lance Stephenson Keep A level-head

Indiana Pacers had tough road to the Eastern Conference Title Game, but they have shown the reserve to get there. For them, it is not about getting there, they want to go further than they did last last season. They have a shot at going further when you consider they are perhaps the best defensive team remaining in the NBA Playoffs. However, offense can struggle and this will hurt them against the Heat. George will guard LeBron James and that means a lot of expended energy on defense. George’s offense could suffer. He must be superb offense for the Pacers to advance. Roy Hibbert will need to continue to have games were he grabs at least 10 rebounds and block shots. Hibbert’s scoring would be bonus. Indiana cannot inconsistent as they have been in the previous two NBA Playoff series or they will fall just short of defeating their rival Miami Heat once again.

Eastern Conference Championship Team Miami Heat

Keys to Success for the Miami Heat to win Eastern Conference Championship

1. Better play from their bench
2. Great Series from Ray Allen
3. Cannot be bullied in the Paint
4. Offense that will get Hibbert off the low-block
5. Be a better rebounding team than the Pacers
6. D-Wade must average nearly 25 points per game
7. Better Interior-defense is a must
8 Bosh must be great on the boards and stretch the defense with his outside shot.

Miami has looked dominant in their trip back to the Eastern Conference Championship series. They have only managed to lose one game in the NBA Playoffs. However, the Pacers despite their struggles is a team that is more than capable of defeating the Heat. Size gives the Heat problems. When the Pacers’ Hibbert on his game, then it could be tough for the Heat. Heat will get a chance to three-peat if they get big game out of D-Wade. If Heat can get Hibbert away from the basket or in foul trouble, the Heat can win. Paul George is the Pacers’ best offensive weapon and if Miami is able to keep him from defeating them then they will advance. Outside shooting to stretch floor is quite necessary to negate the interior-defense of the Pacers. The Eastern Conference Championship series should be good or better than last year’s NBA Playoff series.

Eastern Conference Championship Prediction

Indiana Pacers is a great defensive team, but you have to score and they are times when you cannot find offensive production. Therefore, it not too difficult to pick the Heat to win the Eastern Conference Championship in six games. Heat will need great games out not so usual suspects. D-Wade must play like the old Wade. Miami wants an uptempo game that will not allow the Pacers to setup on defense. Fans it will be a great series and if you like NBA Basketball it is the only reason you need to buy Eastern Conference Championship tickets.icon.