Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions With AI Leading the Way

Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions With AI Leading the Way

Predominantly a jump-shooting team, the Golden State Warriors won their first title in 40 years with 105-97 over the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Once again, Cleveland is held off from a professional championship of any sort. Warriors proved the nay-sayers wrong by winning as a team that relied upon the three-point shot throughout the NBA season and the NBA Playoffs. When you have arguably the best shooter in NBA history in Stephan Curry, a team should have game plan that put the ball in his hands. However, the 2015 NBA Finals will be seen as a series, what players decided to step-up when their superstars were not playing well or missed games due to injuries. Warriors did well and the Cavaliers not so much.

It was the play of NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala that really exemplified a player stepping –up when his team needed it. He defended the best player in the world in LeBron James as best as possible. Iguodala provided points and rebounds when the Splash brothers were not able to find their fantastic stroke from distance. Overall, it was a very balanced team effort to win the championship that had eluded them for 40 years. Golden State Warriors are 2015 NBA Champions. Iguodala became the first NBA Finals MVP to not start every game. As an NBA fan, you have to like a player expanding his role when his team needed it. Iguodala is accustomed to coming off the bench; therefore, it was not anything new for him. However, when you can average 16 points per game 4 assists and nearly 6 rebounds per game and snag NBA Championship ring along with the NBA Finals MVP, you have to love his performance and contribution to the Warriors’ success.
Okay going to begin this what-if spin cycle, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love at full strength with King James playing out of his mind, does it change the outcome of the NBA series? Yes it would change how the series would have been played. However, a team must put best possible team on the court despite the injuries. Golden State’s NBA Finals win is not cheapen because the Cavaliers were not at 100 percent. What if Mark Jackson was the Head Coach instead of Steve Kerr do the Warriors make it to the NBA Finals? Okay, you will see the type statements and comments by fans, but the reality is the Warriors are 2015 NBA Champions and there is not a what-if statement that could take that truth away from them.

LeBron James continues to amaze with how he looked every-bit like the best NBA player on the planet. However, he is not Michael Jordan and Jordan had a Scottie Pippen. Therefore, James needed little more consistent effort and help from his teammates. James averaged nearly a triple-double 35.8 points per game, 13 rebounds and almost 9 assists per contest. You really could not ask for too much more from James. It was good effort by the Cavaliers but like many Cleveland’s professional teams before them, misfortune such as injuries robbed them of their best chance to bring a professional title back to Cleveland.

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors, they are 2015 NBA Champions. It was an overall balanced attack that brought the NBA title home in 6 games.