What is Going On in the Sports World

What is Going On in the Sports World

There is so much going on in sports in the last few weeks.  I will play catch up and provide my two cents of few of the highlights in sports.  Let us begin with the Jameis Winston declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft.  This was not mind-blowing announcement to the public.  The only real question will NFL teams look pass Winston’s off-the-field issues and allow him to be first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft.  He is pro-ready right now because of the pro-style offense he played in at Florida State University.  It should be interesting as the NFL Draft draws closer.


Since talking ab out Winston, I am jump to the National Championship game between the Oregon Ducks versus the Ohio State Buckeyes.  These two teams by public opinion had little chance of making it to the Championship round of the first College Football Playoff.  However, teams have more than proven that the Championship game should be all that a College Football fan could ask for.   Ohio State has a great defense and a running game to keep the Ducks on the sidelines. However, the Buckeyes biggest worry is not to commit turnovers.  Ducks will make you pay for any miscues. You only need to ask the FSU Seminoles.    At the end of day, I like the Ducks’ offense.  I think it may just be enough to win the first College Playoff, National Championship Game.


Jumping to my favorite sport, NBA Basketball can make you scratch your head at times and give you something to cheer about.  Congratulations, to Dirk in surpassing  Moses Malone who was 7th All-Time in scoring.  He did it with a a three-point shot that gave him 27,412. One of best big men ever regarding shooting the ball.   Okay, the trade that made me scratch my head,  the three-team trade between the Oklahoma Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the New York Knicks.  The Cavaliers made out like a bandit; however, I have to question the inclusion of J.R. Smith.  Smith like Dion Waiters needs the ball to be happy. I just do not see that happening as Cleveland is having problems making the Big Three jell together.

Iman Shumpert is good for Cavaliers because they needed a player with great perimeter defense not name LeBron James.  The first-round pick  from the Thunder is always great to have.   Dion Waiters went to the Thunder, but to give up a protected first-round pick is a bit strange.  You already have Reggie Jackson on your roster. Jackson like Waiters is a shooter and plays little defense.  The shooting guard position is stacked and you add another shooting guard to the mix.  It does not make any sense.  The Knicks gained cap-relief from the trade.  This trade does not help them win games right now.  Alex Kirk, Lou Amundson, and Lance Thomas are players that saw little playing time with their prospective teams and I  just do not see them adding a win or two to the Knicks’ won-loss record.


You have to love the sports world, you never know what will really grab your attention.  What  caught your eye in sports this week  Leave a comment.