Eagles’ “QB Shuffle” with Two Left Feet and Win

Michael Vick, it is good to have him back on the field, and he can only improve upon the performance he had last night. Who would have thought the quarterback known for his legs would be perfect with the four passes he attempted. The passes were few shuffle passes, but it is baby steps for now and it was ok.

The more pressing question for the Philadelphia Eagles is how does the team make the “Quarterback shuffle” work and be effective? From the highlights I saw on Sports Center, it clearly supports what I stated in yesterday blog post, it disrupts rhythm. Your starting Quarterback should be taking every snap as have I mentioned before. The offense was slightly hindered by the shuffling of Vick and McNabb, but the Jaguars could not take advantage, because the Eagles came away with a 33-32 victory.

Note to the Eagles leave the dancing to the stars and not your two star quarterbacks. If you can make McNabb and Vick coexist in an offensive system that will allow each to get the snaps they desire and with the effectiveness your teams requires then my hat goes off to you I think all of football would like see it work, but the showing last night was clearly a QB Shuffle with Two Left Feet, but a win made people enjoy the dance.

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