Do College Football Plan of a New Playoff System Go Far Enough

Do College Football Plan of a New Playoff System Go Far Enough

If you were really upset about the BCS System in College Football, you may be happier with the news of the College Football going to a four team playoff format. Well, if you are like me you have to ask yourself why only four teams? I understand with the ferocity of football there cannot be too many games played; however, it needed to be more teams. As of this post, there is not clear definition of what actually will happen to the bowl system.

It has yet to be established who will make up the committee of picking the four teams, but it will still leave fans yelling foul if a fan’s favorite is not picked. The decision will be more difficult and will be more scrutinized than the flawed computerized system of the BCS. It will be interesting to see how the new Playoff system will be implemented and will some part of the Bowl Game system be salvaged?

2014 gives the experts enough time to really get the first time around a good college try. The experts will still consider won-loss record, strength of schedule, head-to-head results and whether a team is a conference champion to determine if the team is worthy of being selected. With more than 100 teams, the decision process will be quite difficult. The Championship Game site will move around like how the Super Bowl is moved each year.

I hope the number will eventually grow to 10 teams. The mid-major football teams may still suffer from the Playoff system because strength of schedule will and should always be factor. Unfortunately, if you are not playing in the Power Conference such as the SEC, the team is not going get the same respect from the committee. With the movement of various teams to different conferences, this will clearly help teams that may not get second look when striving to be National Champions.

Well, it is start and like all things, I hope it will improve, but College Football finally has a Playoff.