DFS Basketball Picks Advice Video

DFS Basketball Picks Advice Video

DFS Basketball Picks Advice for everyone. I hope this helps. The video contains two lineups for DraftKings. You should expect several players coming from the Philadelphia versus The Lakers. It projected total is the highest game on this short slate. You have OKC versus Brooklyn. The only question would be can Westbrook hit value with such an expensive salary on DraftKings. He needs 72 DraftKings points to hit value.

Houston and the Jazz will be a game many will use as a pivot option.  There will be several DFS players focus on games mentioned earlier. The pace of the Jazz vs Rockets will be enough to see Harden get his points. Harden has to earn 66 DraftKings points to hit value. Harden is capable but are you  willing to pay up to have Harden on your roster.  On a short slate, you may need Harden in your lineup. If the slate was little bigger, I would fade Harden and Westbrook.  It is an interesting slate to say the least. Daily Fantasy Sports can be quite exciting on some nights not saying this is a night. The price tags and short slate will have to search for players that normally would not be in most DFS lineups.

Tonight most fantasy contest will be won by maybe 1 or 2 players. DFS Basketball picks advice are merely recommendations, and it provides you yet another lineup to help you win.  You have the final decision to use or not use the information shown in the video.

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