Create a Feature to Compare Daily Fantasy Sports Players

Create a Feature to Compare Daily Fantasy Sports Players

There are more than a few ways you can use Excel to help you conquer Daily Fantasy Sports. You will see an overview of a feature you can use to compare Daily Fantasy Sports players to the players on the opposing team. The tool compares the players’ projections.

The tool consist of dropdown menus, Index and Match formulas and the use of nested IF statements to achieve the results that make this comparison tool useful. It will compare Daily Fantasy Sports players by position. For example, it would compare the Washington Wizards’ points with the Boston Celtics’ point guards. It will use the defense of each team to ensure you obtain the correct projections for each player.

You could create the tool for almost any Daily Fantasy Sports. In the video, you will see the table making comparison of the DFS basketball players. Most of concepts shown in the video can useful for almost anything. The sources of data must be available and accessible by the formula you use.

With this tools and code in Excel and VBA, you will use it to help you reduce your research time. As long as you are creative, you will be able to use Excel and VBA to gain a small edge over other DFS players. It is important to become more proficient in with tools and methods that will improve your ability to create lineups.
Projections are important to know for each player; therefore, the comparison tool should help when you need to make quick decisions regarding certain players. The information you take from it can be easily utilized in a Daily Fantasy Sports lineup Optimizer. You could take the information lock the players in your draft pool that would be used by your optimizer to select your DFS lineups.

The use of Excel and VBA is popular because you will find it on most computers. The learning curve is not as steep as you might think. DFS contest are won with effort regarding research and some luck. You will consistently win Daily Fantasy Sports by making a commitment to doing research and attempting to use your own DFS strategy. Strategy to set yourself apart from the crowd.