Cowboys Win First Game in NFL Week 2 with a Good Running Attack

Cowboys Win First Game in NFL Week 2 with a Good Running Attack

In NFL Week 2, the Dallas Cowboys went back to the old school ways of winning football games to get their first win of the NFL Regular Season. Cowboys ran the ball and thanks to DeMarco Murray’s 167 yards rushing along with 1 touchdown. The running game is secondary to the lethal passing games in the NFL, but if you take look the Cowboys have flourished when they had a balanced attack. Think back to when Troy Aikman handed the ball off to Emmitt Smith or go further back when Tony Dorsett was the star tailback. The Cowboys are better when they are running the ball well.

Hopefully, the coaching staff will not totally forget about the running game in future games because that would be a mistake. With a good running game, you control time of possession and give opposing offenses less chances to put points on the board. The running game was solid in the Cowboys’ 26-10 victory; however, it also helped the defense actually played well enough to hold the Tennessee Titans to just 10 points in the loss. When good defensive play leads to 10 points, you have to be happy.

With the solid running game in NFL Week 2, it helped the passing game in a big way. Tony Romo did not throw 3 interceptions nor did have to pass for over 300 yards to win the game. Romo finished the game with 176 passing yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions. It was a solid performance for Romo. He did not hurt team with turnovers as he did in the first game. Romo did not commit any turnovers; however, it cannot be said for running back Murray. Once again Murray put the ball on the ground. He ran well in the first two weeks of the NFL Regular Season but, he must stop fumbling the ball. You never want your primary running back putting the ball on ground as much as Murray has this season.

Dez Bryant caught 10 passes for 103 yards receiving. He also caught his first touchdown pass of the young NFL Regular Season. When you have run game working, it gives the defense something else to worry about and you get a solid game from your star wide receiver like Bryant. With Bryant looking to get a deal done, he will continue to play out of this world type football going forward.

Cowboys’ defense got the job done in NFL Week 2. It held the Tennessee Titans’ to 82 yards on the ground. However, Dallas still struggles to stop the pass. They only allowed 234 yards through the air. You probably could live with 234 yards in the pass-happy NFL; therefore, fans like me should not complain as much. Learn more about the Cowboys’ first win by taking look at the video below.

In the voice of hip-hop producer Marley Mal, Next up, I believe that’s the Saint Louis Rams. Rams defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 19-17 on Sunday. Both Cowboys and Rams are 1-1, thanks to a wins earned in Week 2 of the NFL Regular Season. Cowboys should be able to force Rams’ young quarterback Austin Davis into making mistakes. It should be an interesting game to watch so get your St. Louis Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys Tickets.