College Realignment A Precursor to the Super Conference

College Realignment A Precursor to the Super Conference


The look of College sports is changing, and its one step from the super conferences that have been talked about.Louisville will make the move the ACC in 2014. This is an example of the realignments that will soon make everyone forget about the old rivalries of the past. The various realignments are not driven by the competition, instead it is the revenue that will be made via a lucrative television contract.

College Football is the cash cow for most colleges; therefore, conferences such as the SEC or Big Ten will continue to be targeted by schools looking to cash in. It will be sometime in the distance future super conferences will be a way of life for colleges. What happens to the college athletics programs that doesn’t have powerhouse football program.

The movements will provide media corporations access to viewing markets that will make their overall television coverage more appealing to their customers. I think we the fans should remember this when the question is asked if the student-athlete should be paid? Yes is the simple answer. Money will be made to see student-athletes play in a BCS Championship or when they hit the winning shot to cap off a memorable Final Four run. Realignment will happen, but it may not be the best thing to happen to college sports.