College Athletes Should Be Paid After SEC Get 24 Hour Sports Network in 2014

College Football will get even more exposure as the best College Football conference the SEC inks deal with ESPN. It will allow the sports network to broadcast content 24 hours, 7 days a week. To be fair, the SEC Network will broadcast other sports such as men and women basketball, baseball. However, everyone know College Football is biggest draw and for both the SEC and ESPN. The network is set to launch August 2014. For the sport fans, it more exposure to the college sports events they love especially College Football. However, the collegian athlete is vastly underpaid when you consider the revenue generated by sports athletics. Therefore, I shall continue to argue college athletes should be paid.

ESPN and the SEC have agreed to a 20 year agreement for the start of the SEC network; therefore, you should expect billions of dollars earned during the term of the contract. When you consider salaries made by billion dollar companies paid to their employees, you will understand why free education is great, but it is not enough based on the revenue generated by various schools’ athletic programs. When you consider the rules that the NCAA use to keep the college athlete from accepting benefits, it makes a greater argument to why the college athlete should be paid. A pie will make its way to few individuals who never played a down of football, shot a free throw or had a base hit.

ESPN and the SEC is doing what is best for their survival and do not fault them for signing contract to bring sports fans more sporting events . However, it been way passed time that college athletes receive more compensation than what they are receiving at the moment. College athletes should be paid not only football players but when you are adding to income of the college in any manner, yes all should be included.

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