Checkout Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball Help Video

Checkout Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball Help Video


Today is a short slate of NBA games. With the use of Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball help, you could come up with another DFS Basketball lineup that will provide you more chances to win. The games scheduled are evenly matched according to the Vegas experts.

You will see in the video, it talks about the Over/Under and point spread to help you determine the best options for your DFS basketball lineups. This video was done night prior to schedule of games; therefore, the actual projections were not available when picks were suggested.

By knowing the matchup, it will help you before you know the actual projections. Projections are important of course, but what it will do is allow you to ask the question will a player be able to reach a certain projection. For example, you may not the projections of OKC Thunder’s point guard Russell Westbrook; however, you can check the matchup and it allows you to see how much of chance Westbrook has at reaching value or exceeding his projections once the projections are available.

You should be forming your DFS lineups on matchups definitely, but it should not be only thing because information such as the Over/Under and point spread can help you create a great lineup as well. For anyone who is not fan of NBA or know very little, it is more difficult make picks solely off of a matchup. For example, I know very little about NHL hockey but I do play DFS hockey, therefore, I could not look at hockey game and determine what is or what is not a good matchup. I would then depend more on the projections because it is easier quantify talent with numbers when you are not familiar with the game as much.

I hope everyone find the Daily Fantasy Sports basketball help video useful. If you find this information is useful and you need a way to build multiple DFS basketball lineups you should go checkout the book that will provide instructs to build a NBA Lineup Optimizer.