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What You Need to Know Before Going to a Basketball Camp

When a basketball camp is organized in your area, it can pose a great opportunity to learn more about the sport and sharpen your skills. People can choose from a variety of basketball camps. Many of the basketball camps are offered by local colleges and universities. Alternatively, brand name camps offer more specialized training and better exposure for players.

There are two types of basketball camps to choose from. Depending on your location or budget, you can choose whether to attend a day camp or a residential camp. The day camp holds training sessions during working hours and provide specific training on certain aspects of the sport. The residential camp, on the other hand, provides accommodation for campers where training and other fun activities are held at all hours of the day. It often holds drills early in the morning for physical training and group activities in the evenings to build friendships and camaraderie.

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Bolt World Fastest Man With Gold in the 100 Meters

Usain Bolt proved it not how you start the race, but it is how you finish. How Bolt finished, he won the Gold Medal in the 100 meter sprint. It marked the second time Bolt captured a Gold Medal in the 100 meters. Bolt ran a blazing 9.63 to once again be called the World fastest Man. The 9.63 was an Olympic Record that should be around for quite a long time.

You would think, a sprinter will have to be near perfect from start to finish to finish with an Olympic Record; however, Bolt start was far from perfect. He got out of the blocks late. When you are as fast as Bolt, you can quickly make up for a slow start. He did just that with such a long and powerful stride.

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What a Week in Sports

A week in sports was quite good if you were a St. Louis Cardinals’ fan. They came from the brink of elimination to win the World Series in the seventh game. Other news, the NBA is still going in circles and cancels more games. It still not looking rosy for NBA fans regarding watching their favorite players play this season.

NCAA Needs to be Overhauled

The NCAA continues to show disproportioned ways to implement penalties throughout college sports. It is difficult to see why Jim Tressel still employed by the Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach, when he did basically the same as former University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, he lied to the NCAA.

USC Trojans are on probation for wrongdoings that was done during the Reggie Bush Era, but the Cam Newton incident does not cause any penalties to be levied on the Auburn Tigers football team or Mississippi State Bulldogs. NCAA Rules Committee needs to be overhauled.

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Do the NCAA Go Further Enough with Punishments

The NCAA is great at giving slaps on risk, but there has not been too much of real crackdown. The scandal that went on at North Carolina, the Cam Newton’s incident, the trouble with the Tennessee University’s basketball team and now University of Connecticut.

In the entire incidence mentioned, the NCAA did not go far enough because in times past at least one of the four incidents would have drawn ban from post-season play. It maybe a different era and it takes few more infractions to really draw severe punishment from the NCAA. Coach Calhoun will be suspended for three games next season and they will lose a few scholarships.

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College Athletes Should Get Paid

The University of Texas and ESPN 300 million dollars for 20 years deal is great for college sports; however, when will the NCAA committee change the rule regarding the pay for play or benefits and the college athlete. Many will say free education is enough of a reward for being able to throw a seventy yard bomb, run a 4.2 forty-yard dash or being able to put in the hoop like M.J.; however, I beg differ.

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Top 10 List of Thoughts of Isner and Mahut

John Isner and Nicholas Mahut battled until the darkness sent them both on a timeout. 10 hours longest tennis match on record, 118 games, and oh yeah, deadlock at 59-59 and their encore will be to actually finish. Wimblendon will forever remember such a great battle to a tie.

Top 10 Thoughts that probably went to their head during the match

10. John Isner: I wonder if The Tampa Bay Rays plays this long.

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Colorado no hitter is a first

Ubaldo Jimenez becomes the first Colorado Rockies’ pitcher to pitch a no-hitter. Jimenez is known for his hard throwing and good control. He did not allow a hit from the Atlanta Braves. He struck out 7 batters and only allowed 6 walks. The Rockies’ bats produced 4 runs to win the game.

Below are few highlights of Jimenez’ masterful performance.

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Saints Shows the Giants No Mercy in 48-27 Beat Down

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints dominated in what many thought would be a close game against the New York Giants. The fierce pass rush of the Giants was neutralized as Brees and company stayed on the attack. It was not only Drew Brees having his typical mind boggling throwing numbers but it was an entire team effort that pummeled the Giants 48-27.

New York Giants secondary was torched for 368 yards of passing and 4 scores by Brees. He threw the ball long, short, and it did not matter where Brees passed he seemed to find a Saint. At one point, he made 15 consecutive completions. The 4 touchdown passes went to Wide Receivers Marques Colston, Robert Meachem, Lance Moore and Tight End Jeremy Shockey. The running game also took it shots at the Giants number 1 defense as runningbacks Mike Bell, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, and fullback Heath Evans accounted for 3 rushing touchdowns and 133 yards on the ground.

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NFL Week 6: Battle of the Unbeatens

The game to watch this week will be the New York Giants versus the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have been impressive thus far in the season and are undefeated. The winner of this game will be tagged with the Best Team in NFL at the moment. – Your one stop sports fan shop!

1. Atlanta Falcons VS Chicago Bears 8:20pm ET on NBC

Predicted Winner and Score: Chicago Bears 24-17

Atlanta beat a hot San Francisco team last week along with making a mockery of the 49ers’ defense but this week they face another team known for their defense the Chicago Bears. Bears has great defense but an added wrinkle for this year is their offense is pretty good lead by QB Jay Cutler. Wide Receiver Johnny is emerging as another dangerous return man and Devin Hester is becoming a more complete wide receiver. Bears will win knockoff the Falcons.

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