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WHAT is Stacking in Daily Fantasy Football

Stacking can be a good tactic to use to add much needed points in your daily fantasy football contests and move you closer to the top rankings of your fantasy football contests.  Learn more by watching my video below.

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Watch “The Sporty Mouth Daily Fantasy BB Jan 28, 2015” on YouTube

Hello, I hope everyone one had a great night last night playing daily fatansy basketball.  If you did not, remember the Pinky and the Brain cartoon, you get another shot at taking over the daily fantasy basketball world tonight.  Seriously, watch my video below for the picks I suggest for the scheduled games. I hope everyone wins.

The Sporty Mouth Daily Fantasy BB Jan 28, 2015:

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Watch The Sporty Mouth Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks 1-27-15 on YouTube

This is my first venture into using video.  However, it is more important to provide you with possible daily fantasy basketball picks that could help you become winner in daily fantasy sports.

SportyMouth Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks 1-27-15:

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Check Out this VIDEO: Are the Cavaliers Reaching Too Much With Right Now

I have to wonder the same thing has the Cavaliers went into panic mode with what they are giving up to win right now. As I discussed yesterday, the 3-team trade was okay but the move to get Timofey Mozgov for first round picks was not one of their better moves. Mozegov is not world-stopper regarding defense and at best, he is probably good backup who happened to be starting in the NBA when he played with Denver.

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What is Going On in the Sports World

There is so much going on in sports in the last few weeks.  I will play catch up and provide my two cents of few of the highlights in sports.  Let us begin with the Jameis Winston declaring for the 2015 NFL Draft.  This was not mind-blowing announcement to the public.  The only real question will NFL teams look pass Winston’s off-the-field issues and allow him to be first quarterback selected in the NFL Draft.  He is pro-ready right now because of the pro-style offense he played in at Florida State University.  It should be interesting as the NFL Draft draws closer.

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The Sports World in Review

Checkout what went down in the Sports World this week. We all know about the crazy stuff going on in the Clippers organization. There was some other sports stuff going on as well. Learn more by watching the video.

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Find A Good Lawyer That You Can Trust

One day you just might need a lawyer, and it is good idea to find one you really can trust. It begins with finding the law firm that treats you like a person instead of just a statistic. They are willing to sit down answer the tough questions you have for them. The law firm should have a proven track record regarding your particular case. Graves Injury Law Firm is a law firm will attract the attention of anyone needing a trusted firm that is willing to do everything they can to ensure you get the best representation possible.

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Sports Fans and Gamers A Must Read Random Thought of A Sports Fan

Sports fans, I am going to go out on a limb and say some of you are gamers to. Well, I know I am more of Madden guy, and eventually the greatest sports title to ever be made will make it on to the newest gaming platform set to be released in November. Well, I am talking about the XBOX One. I am watching some awesome graphics on games expected at launch and everybody else may just have to catch up.

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