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Rangers are in the Stanley Cup And Stanley Cup Tickets Being Compared to Super Bowl ticket Pricing

It is East Coast versus West Coast and it is not a hip hop thing. It is a hockey occasion. The Los Angeles Kings versus the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup. Now, if you have not brought or planning to buy Stanley Cup tickets, you should be ready to dig deep into your wallets and purses. Rangers’ tickets are being compared to Super Bowl tickets.

This is great news for a team that have not been to Stanley Cup Finals since my days in the Navy way back in 1994. Hockey fans will pay the price to see the Rangers win the Stanley Cup. After all in recent years, New York have not seen too many championship opportunities in any sport. Hey if you looking for Stanley Cup tickets, you have be ready to pay at least $1239 in the Big Apple. Stanley Cup tickets on the West Coast are little friendlier to the hockey fans’ wallets with a minimum price of at least $628. However, the price will rise if the Stanley Cup goes the entire seven games.

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NHL Moments That Will Have You Jumping Out of Your Seat

NBA Playoffs is not the only thing going on and NHL fans are just wild and diehard about their favorite team as NBA fans. NHL Playoffs are going strong. In case you missed some of the great hockey highlights, you can checkout the NHL Top 5 Plays. You will see the Boston Bruins dominated the highlights in the video below. You want see the Bruins live then you have to get Boston Bruins Playoff Tickets..

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Hottest NHL Sports Event Ticket: Pittsburgh Penguins Games

My first hockey post of the season, and I let everyone know that it is a sport that I am slowly learning. I do not have to learn the hottest NHL sports event ticket would involve any Pittsburgh Penguins’ games and what a good long win streak is about. The Pittsburgh Penguins has won twelve consecutive hockey games. They are playing about as well as the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks who also won 12 consecutive games also.

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Blackhawks season ends with first Stanley Cup in 49 years

49 years in the making, the Chicago Blackhawks concluded their epic Stanley Cup run with a destiny fulfilled. Blackhawks season end as many experts expected with a NHL championship. Chicago needed overtime and a shot from Patrick Kane to claim the Cup. The shot did not immediately set the crowd or Kane’s teammates into an elated frenzy, because red light did not indicate the goal was good. Upon official review, the Blackhawks with certainty could finally celebrate a 4-3 overtime victory and their first Stanley Cup Championship in over four decades.

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Blackhawks 3 Wins Closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup

Defense, Chicago Blackhawks did not need any stinking defense to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers in first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The 6-5 win can attest to lack of defense from both hockey teams. Blackhawks attacked the goal like a cheetah going at a lost gazelle on Animal Planet. Blackhawks attacked the goal with ferocity of the cheetah just ask Michael Leighton.

Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton usually a great goaltender was not in ear shot of greatness in the Flyers Game 1 loss. He was smashed by the Blackhawks with 5 goals scored with 20 shots on goal. Flyers’ Coach Peter Laviolette could not stand to see anymore of the horror; therefore, Leighton was pulled in favor of Brian Boucher.

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The Chicago Blackhawks Next Stanley Cup Winner?

Chicago Blackhawks swept their way into the Stanley Cup Finals. The Philadelphia Flyers had to avoid a near sweep to win the right to play for the Cup. Philadelphia has not been a Stanley Cup winner since 1975 and it has been even longer that a trophy has been hoisted over the head of a Blackhawk player. It was 1961 to be exact.

Many experts think that the Blackhawks have a chance to end a 49 year drought and win the Stanley Cup. They are a very versatile hockey team that can do a lot to win. If defense is needed they can play that style of hockey and if team need to use speed then the Blackhawks can get victory as well.

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What Happen to the Boston Bruins

What happened to the Bruins. Philadelphia Flyers played their way back into the series and ultimately won it. They won 4-3 in match that Bruins’ fans will not soon forget. They will not forget because it marked the third time in NHL playoff history that a team fail to win a playoff series when leading 3-0. I cannot believe such breakdown has occurred more than once especially from a professional sports teams.

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