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NFL Draft Recap

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In case you were watching the NBA Playoff games and have not happened to hear the big and fast young man from South Carolina went first. Okay, almost everyone knows Jadeveon Clowney was selected with the first pick held by the Houston Texans. Well, Johnny Manziel or Drake’s friend will play with Cleveland Browns.

Clowney will team up with J.J. Watts to form one of the best pass-rushing duos in the league. Barring injury, you definitely could see Clowney getting at least 10 sacks his rookie season. Offensive lines will have their hands full trying to block both Clowney and Watts. It will be interesting to watch once NFL Regular Season begins.

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Does Moving Back The Extra Point Make Kickers More Valuable?

By changing the distance of where the kicker kicks an extra point, I think it will have little effect on the value of kickers. The majority of NFL kickers are accurate from at least 40 yards or more. The value of the kicker will not change too much. However, the rule change will make it quite interesting in the upcoming NFL season.

Learn more by watching the video below. I would like to hear what you think so leave a comment.

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Checkout the Eagles Offseason Outlook

Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East and Chip Kelly’s offense was as expected, exciting. However, the defense needs much improvement. Many will argue that you need offense, but if you take look at this year’s Super Bowl you would think otherwise. Denver Broncos best offense in the NFL was thrashed by the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks had a defense and Philly will only get better if they can star players to the defense.

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Seattle Seahawks’ Russell Wilson Wants To Be an NFL Owner

Russell Wilson can do almost anything he wants. He still have a lot of football to play. He has brought the city of Seattle Seahawks its first Super Bowl. Wilson may not be your prototypical NFL quarterback, but he has proven he can win. Therefore, I would not bet against him being an NFL owner in the future.

Jadeveon Clowney Just Blazes Through His 40-Yard Dash

Jadeveon Clowney may have just cemented first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. A defensive end standing 6’5 and weigh 260 lbs is not supposed to run 4.47 40-yard dash. However, Clowney did just that. He will give offensive linemen nightmares being a speed rusher. Everyone knows he not only has speed, he has power as well. For now learn what other people are saying about Clowney’s blazing 40-yard dash. He is at the top of every NFL scouts’ lists.

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Seattle's Defense Dominates Denver To Win Super Bowl XLVIII

Always expect the unexpected best describes Super Bowl XLVIII. If anyone told me that the Seahawks would shutdown the high-powered offense of the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, I would say please give two of whatever they were drinking. However, the Broncos imploded. Seattle’s secondary looked so in control. Peyton was not hurried much of the game, but he could not find too many open receivers. The Seattle secondary definitely earned all accolades of being the best secondary in the NFL. It would be Linebacker Malcolm Smith who was all over the field, and his pick 6 was hallmark of just how well the defense dismantled any hopes of the Broncos leaving Metlife Stadium with a Super Bowl win.

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Learn What Seahawks’ Stars Think of their first Super Bowl Win

Super Bowl victory was not unexpected; however, the fashion of how they took care of business probably had all the fans in awe. They shutdown the high-octane offense of the Denver Broncos. Anyone who claim they saw the 43-8 rout of the Broncos coming, they were bragging and not that much more. Below is video of how a few of the Seahawks players reflecting on their first Super Bowl win.

Why the Detroit Lions Head Coaching Job is so Atrractive

Detroit Lions’ Head Coaching job may be the most attractive opportunity on the NFL’s open market. On the offense, the Detroit Lions would attract any good coach. Calvin Johnson or Megatron the best nickname in the NFL, is possibly the best wide receiver in the game. Matthew Stafford is slowly becoming better quarterback and with a little more seasoning, he will get to the next level. Reggie Bush can be quite dynamic and he definitely is great option out of the backfield. He is a threat to take to the house when he touches the ball. However, Reggie Bush seem to find himself nicked up at least a few times during the NFL Regular Season. However, Bush went over the 1000 yard plateau. With the help of Joique Bell at running back, both backs make the job attractive for the next coach.

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49ers and Seahawks Best Game in NFL Week 2

The San Francisco 49ers versus the Seattle Seahawks will be the NFL Game to watch. Two young quarterbacks that can get the job done with their arm and their feet. Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick will be the talk of most headlines; however both teams are good on both sides of the ball. If you like football and hard-hitting defense you will get more than your share of great defense when watching these two teams play.

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Learn More about Monday Night Football: Philadelphia Versus Washington Preview

NFC East Division will be tough this season. The Philadelphia Eagles versus Washington Redskins will be an interesting game to watch. Chip Kelly’s explosive offense will finally be seen in a NFL Regular Season game. You look at the team speed of the Eagles, you truly see why you cannot wait for the Kickoff. The Redskins will has some offense of their own; however, the question will be what RGIII will take the field. It would be Griffin’s first snap against opposing team defense since his knee injury. You know he would have to shake off some rust and if it does not take too long, the game should be exciting. Philadelphia versus Washington is great divisional rivalry game.

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