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Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals Preview

Eastern Conference Championship Team Indiana Pacers

Indiana Pacers go into Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals with their star-player Paul George leading the way. George has been cleared to play, and his presence is required for them to win against the Miami Heat. The Pacers in the first game were virtually unstoppable; however, Miami’s defense made an appearance in Game 2 and cooled off the hot-shooting of the Pacers. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade had a great 4th period in Game 2 to tie the Eastern Conference Finals at 1-1. Game 3 will tip-off hours from now and everyone is wondering what teams will take the floor.

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Can the OKC Thunder Avoid Being Swept in the Western Conference Finals

Western Conference Championship Team OKC Thunder

OKC Thunder’s fans had high hopes of getting back to the NBA Finals this season, but the injury bugs hit them once again to nearly make it impossible to advance. Last year, it was the explosive point guard Russell Westbrook going down. Serge Ibaka’s goes down before entering a much anticipated Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs, it is another stroke of bad luck for the Thunder. The 112-77 blowout loss is all the evidence you need to know that Thunder cannot recover from Ibaka being sidelined.

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NBA Draft Lottery Should Be Changed to Cleveland Cavalier’s Draft Lottery

NBA Draft Lottery Winner Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers hits the NBA Draft Lottery once again. Cavaliers have won the NBA Draft Lottery three times since the departure of LeBron James. Okay not to rain on their parade, the Cavaliers have not improved even with their luck at winning the NBA Draft Lotteries. However, they have yet another chance to add a player that will help them forget the playing days of LeBron James. The Cavaliers cannot blow this pick as they did with Anthony Bennett. Bennett had a forgettable rookie season and hopefully he will improve to help Cleveland. Andrew Wiggins is considered the best college prospect to come along in last 10 years. Therefore, the Cavaliers will get a quality player.

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No Love in Minnesota Could Be Great For the Chicago Bulls or Golden State Warriors

Minnesota TimberWolves Kevin Love

Why Do You Want Kevin Love on your team. He possibly the best stretch four in the game. He will score and will hit the boards. He opens up the offense for any team with a guard that can get into the lane. Love is a walking double-double. He low-post defense will not make fans standup and applaud; however, his other great attributes make up for his average interior-defense. With Love, there are teams that could find themselves in the NBA Finals or at least the team would be closer to the NBA Final with Love on their roster.

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What Team Will Win the Western Conference Championship

Western Conference Championshp Team San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs have shown they are ready for a second consecutive trip back to the NBA Finals. However, the NBA MVP, Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma Thunder will try to send the Spurs back to the Lone Star state empty-handed. The task will not be easy, and it does no help that Thunder will not have Serge Ibaka in on the court due to a calf-injury. The Spurs front-line could dominate the boards and could lead them to another Western Conference Championship.

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Heat Vs Pacers: Eastern Conference Championship Series NBA Fans Wanted

Eastern Conference Championship Team Miami Heat

It is about to go down and it just what basketball fans wanted. The Miami Heat versus the Indiana Pacers for the Eastern Conference Championship. All season long, Pacers’ fan wanted some payback for their loss to eventual NBA Champions, the Miami Heat. They finally get the chance beginning Sunday. Fans this should be another epic NBA Playoff series; therefore, if you have not already, it is time grab NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Indiana Pacers vs. Miami Heat – Home Game 1 Tickets. Why get the ticket, now if you need answers, you are not true basketball fan. It’s the Pacers Vs Heat.

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What Will Make The Washington Wizards Better For Next Season

Washington Wizards actually won a game and thanks to John Wall actually showing up and playing ball like he has been capable of doing. It was good win for the Wizards they keep their NBA Playoff hopes alive, but I think I have to ask a question, what should the Wizards expectations be for next season. Okay, the NBA Playoffs are not over but no matter how it finishes, it has to be considered a success for the Wizards. Washington won a NBA Playoff series and is playing for a spot in the Eastern Conference Championship.

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Wizards and Thunder Must Execute To Win

Washington Wizards and OKC Thunder, both teams have squandered a big lead only to lose the game. Thunder has little room for error; but you never want to lose the momentum in the NBA Playoffs. However, the Wizards its a win or grab your tackle box and go fishing if they lose.

Washington Wizards has proven they can score; however, they must continue to execute and force the action when they have a lead. If John Wall to really plan to show in this NBA series, tonight is the night. He has shot poorly and as leader of this team, he must have best game to prevent the Wizards’ elimination. Washington must execute and not be overcome by their NBA inexperience. Defense is not this team’s identity; therefore, they must stay on the gas run an uptempo game. Wall is one of the quickest guards in the Association and he should push tempo whenever he gets the chance.

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Roy Hibbert Bounces Back and Pacers Tie the Series 1-1

Whatever got into Roy Hibbert, it needs to stay there for the Indiana Pacers to get the much needed production out of their center. Hibbert 28 points, 9 rebounds and 2 block shots is a stat line that all Indiana fans can live with. Hibbert up until last night’s breakout game, had not did anything to help his team. He played motivated and he helped his team tie the series with a 86-82 victory over the Washington Wizards. Series is tied at 1-1 and only question can Hibbert continue to help his team with good production the fans saw in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs.

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Can Westbrook Help OKC Thunder As A Shoot First First Point Guard

Everyone knows that Kevin Durant is NBA MVP and his acceptance speech will go down in history as possibly the best for accepting award. Congratulations for winning the NBA MVP award. However, Let us take look at how Russell Westbrook helps and potentially hinder the progress of the scoring tandem to a NBA Title.

It is no secret Westbrook cannot be guarded one-on-one. He gets into the lane whenever he wants. He is a great on defense and he is capable of scoring at least 30 points a night. Things that make you scratch your head about Westbrook are questionable shot selection, taking too many shots and thinking of taking the shot before facilitating the offense.

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