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Top 10 College Football Teams First Week of Play

Taking look at the Top 10 College Football teams, you saw the 9th ranked South Carolina Gamecocks get exposed by Texas A&M. The top-ranked Florida State Seminoles may have precursor to what the season will actually be like trying to repeat as National Champs. Oklahoma State Cowboys did not have enough to knock the Seminoles from number one ranking, but Seminoles know more now than ever berfore, they must come in play like they have won nothing and they are target each week.

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Why Do You like College Football

During this time of year you get little bit of this or little bit of that, but you guaranteed to get your fill of College and pro football. Baseball has a few more months to go, but the NFL will will be in full swing in a matter of days. Your favorite College Football
team may have turned you into a couch potato for few hours already.

I like College Football for the action and how much one game win or lose could greatly effect a team’s season. You cannot have the soft schedule or all those wins are blow-out games. It doesn’t mean much. Oregon Ducks come to mind when I think of a high-scoring team; however, the high-octane offense seems to never find itself playing for a National Championship. College Football Playoff should definitely help this team.

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Why FSU Should Have No Worries About Repeating As National Champions

Florida State ended the SEC run on BCS titles with a win over Auburn. Hey that is old news and the BCS as we once knew it as come to an end. Therefore, let the College Football Playoffs begin. As teams now will play for four spots for the new College Football tournament that will determine a National Champion.

Florida State led by Heisman trophy winner and lover of seafood, Jameis Winston. Winston has little more experience with the offense; therefore, secondaries should be quacking in their cleats. It really puts this team way ahead of other teams regarding repeating as National Champions. A team like Alabama will always have something to say about that. Everyone knows that Nick Saban will have defense ready for likes of top-notch team like the Seminoles. This season should be good enough to grab a Playoff berth.

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Watch The Video: Strong: Time for Texas to be Back on Top

The Texas Longhorns has a strong football tradition and Charlie Strong is expected to get them back to BCS Championship caliber. Strong replaces one of the most liked College Football coach in Mack Brown. It is a matter of time before Strong will bring Texas back to their winning tradition.

Watch the video below and learn more about the Charlie Strong.

Learn More About The BCS Title Game by the Numbers

The only real number that counts is the Florida State Seminoles are number 1. They snapped a string of SEC teams winning national titles. They win the last BCS Championship. Jameis Winston became first freshman Heisman Trophy winner to win a National Championship

This was good way for the BCS to end. College Football will go to a tournament format next season. The Seminoles won the game by the score of 34-31 over the Auburn Tigers. Winston finished the game with 237 yards passing and 2 touchdowns. Winston showed poise as he took Florida State down the field.

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Johnny Football or Johnny Autograph Maybe Johnny Ineligible for Alleged Infractions

Johnny Manziel is premier College quarteback from Texas A&M, but may have to feel the wrath of the NCAA. A wrath that will stem from his alleged receiving for signing autographs. You have to wonder will be a major distraction for A&M or will the NCAA hit him with a few infractions.

NCAA hardly ever gets these type situations correct and do not expect anything different when dealing with Johnny Football. There have been few cases that remind of the autograph for pay and the first that come to mind the fiasco that went on at Ohio State University that would eventually cost Head Coach Jim Tressel his job and Terelle Pryor his college eligibility.

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Do College Football Plan of a New Playoff System Go Far Enough

If you were really upset about the BCS System in College Football, you may be happier with the news of the College Football going to a four team playoff format. Well, if you are like me you have to ask yourself why only four teams? I understand with the ferocity of football there cannot be too many games played; however, it needed to be more teams. As of this post, there is not clear definition of what actually will happen to the bowl system.

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Cam Newton 2010 Heisman Trophy Winner By A Landslide

Auburn’s Cam Newton let his game speak for him and to the many voters that made him 2010 Heisman Trophy winner. For the moment, he put his off-field troubles on mute and showed the world that winning and great play on the field wins out overall. He only have to prove that he can lead the Auburn Tigers to a National Title, because his won almost all of the major individual awards that a College football player could win.

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Auburn Cam Newton Wins Three Awards the Easy Way

Auburn Tigers’ quarterback Cam Newton was a winner of three different awards. He was awarded the Davey O’Brien Award. It is an award given to the best quarterback. Newton also won the Maxwell Award. The Maxell Award is awarded to the top College Football player. He would become the third Auburn football player to win the Walter Camp Foundation National Player of the Year. Pat Sullivan won the award in 1971 and Bo Jackson won the award in 1985.

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2011 BCS National Championship Ticket: The Shootout

The 2011 Bowl Championship Series National Championship ticket will provide access to an offensive shootout between the No. 1 Oregon Ducks versus the No. 2 Auburn Tigers. It will be played in Glendale, Arizona on January 10, 2011. A game that have been most anticipated by college football fans around the country for sometime will become official on Sunday.

Both teams earned the right to play the game with blowout victories in their last games. The Tigers won the SEC Championship with a 56-17 victory over the South Carolina Gamecocks. The Ducks defeated rival Oregon State Beavers 37-20 in their rival game that is known as the Civil War. The 2011 BCS National Championship Tickets Glendale 1/10/11 is anticipated great College Football game.

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