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How to use Excel Formulas in a Predictive Model for Daily Fantasy Sports

Learn how to use Excel formulas to improve how you conduct research for your Daily Fantasy sports lineups. The not so exciting aspect of Daily Fantasy Sports, you will not hear too many people ranting and raving about the toil of digging through the numbers and making them make sense. The predictive model can be easily created in Excel. It doe not have to be too complex, but you do run the risk of having a similar model as your competition.

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Fantasy Football Projections Where is the Trust

Excel and VBA will always be a great help to your Daily Fantasy Football Lineups. Today, you will not be disappointed once again. Your fantasy football projections are key components to provide you an expectation of performance for a NFL slates. If you have played Daily Fantasy Sports Football for any amount of time, you already know some websites provide better projections than other websites. When you in the selection phase of your Fantasy Football team, you want to eliminate any player you think will not meet or exceed his fantasy football projections.

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Buying DFS Lineups or Conduct DFS Research

Buying DFS lineups or conducting DFS research to be used in a DFS optimizer. My clock has struck the wee-hours and my insomnia annoying bullhorn, “No sleep”. This is fight goes on and I usually lose, but you are the overall winner for my lack of sleep. A poll would reveal thousands of people believe buying a lineup is a form or cheating. I would be the first to say, it is not cheating, but it is paid advice. Not everyone has the time to research or truly know where to start when conducting research; therefore, let the outsourcing begins.

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How to Use a Schedule Feature for Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Football

This is another quick video to help you save time building your Fantasy Baseball lineups along with your Fantasy Football lineups. The video shows you how to use a schedule feature to exclude players from your draft pool based on if his team plays or not. It will allow you to only need to download a source file from DraftKings or FanDuel for salary data only. You would set the schedule and instead of having to load the players along with their salaries each time, you would only need the salary data. With the use of the add-in OpenSolver, you could load each Major League Roster and save it.

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How Do You Conduct Research For Fantasy Baseball

Fantasy Baseball quite data extensive to say the least. You probably could find a stat for the Major League Player who hits the most home runs on their birthday. Every MLB stat available to you is not good for your Fantasy Baseball Team. You can save yourself time by having a system. A system that can work and tweaked to help you conduct research in a timely and productive manner.

A hot tip from your cousin on your daddy’s side of the family has you contemplating a stack of the Yankees versus the Red Sox. Your cousin has not been reliable, but Red Sox pitching has struggled. You say why not, what could you lose. Well, if you playing Daily Fantasy Baseball, it could be enough to say, you do not use your cousin’s advice until you can substantiate it.
You should have a fantasy baseball strategy. Strategy provides criteria to say yea or nay regarding a player. It will also determine what stats are important to research. If you are not using at least two pieces of data to support or discourage your gut, cousins, or your aunty tips then you find out exactly how much you have to lose.
You probably heard this before, if so it bears repeating because it is important, Pitching is the alpha, number one, the King Kong that has – Old Training Day movie paraphrase.

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11 Benefits to Using an Optimizer for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

There are numerous benefits of using an optimizer for Daily Fantasy Sport. The list below is small, but you get the picture. An optimizer can be quite helpful to anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports. At the end, you will see a video regarding use of an Optimizer. Listen to the video as provide shout out to one of the readers of my book and his help with the modification of the code to build a optimizer for a different Daily Fantasy Sport, such as hockey

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Create a Feature to Compare Daily Fantasy Sports Players

There are more than a few ways you can use Excel to help you conquer Daily Fantasy Sports. You will see an overview of a feature you can use to compare Daily Fantasy Sports players to the players on the opposing team. The tool compares the players’ projections.

The tool consist of dropdown menus, Index and Match formulas and the use of nested IF statements to achieve the results that make this comparison tool useful. It will compare Daily Fantasy Sports players by position. For example, it would compare the Washington Wizards’ points with the Boston Celtics’ point guards. It will use the defense of each team to ensure you obtain the correct projections for each player.

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New Book To Help you Create A Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer

Many people will ask why do people use Excel spreadsheets to create Daily Fantasy Sports lineups. I like using spreadsheets because it allows me to customize my data that will hopefully get the best players into a draft pool. Many of you probably have looked at the various YouTube videos to help build a basic Daily Fantasy Sports football optimizer. Whatever helps, you get the basics, but you really start unleashing the power of Excel in fantasy sports when you start to ask the correct questions.

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How Excel Saves You Time Creating Worksheets filled with Sports Stats

The use of the Index and Match formula is great help when creating an Excel worksheet for you Daily Fantasy Sports data. The use of the Left function in Excel greatly improves the Match portion of the Index Match formula when names of sports teams differ in how they are represented on each site.

Watch the video to learn more. The

The Use of Excel to help Your Fantasy Basketball Picks

In the video below, you will learn how I use the Index and Match formula to create a worksheet filled with various sports data from various Excel spreadsheets. There are will be another video to follow to help you with the Match portion of the Index and Match formula.

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