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Could No. 3 Boise State Kick it: No They Could not

Could the number 3 ranked Boise State Broncos kick it? Broncos could not kick two chip shot field goals; henceforth, a BCS bowl is in their rear view. Broncos’ kicker Kyle Brotzman usually a solid kicker broke under the pressure of the biggest kicks he had to make the entire season. Broncos did not closeout a 19th ranked Nevada Wolfpack team they had down by 17 points at the half.

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Great College Games on Saturday

It is difficult argue which was the best college football game on Saturday. The two most exciting that I either saw or watched the games highlights were the Tennessee versus Alabama and the Iowa versus Michigan State.

Iowa Hawkeyes needed the last play of game to stay undefeated. A touchdown pass from Quarterback Ricky Stanzi to Wide Receiver Marvin McNutt moved Iowa to 8-0 for first time in school history. It is a weekly occurrence that Iowa finds a way to win. Hawkeyes are showing grit but I know their fans do not like being at the edge of their seat for every victory. They will definitely take the 15-13 victory over Michigan State.

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