Can Westbrook Help OKC Thunder As A Shoot First First Point Guard

Can Westbrook Help OKC Thunder As A Shoot First First Point Guard


Everyone knows that Kevin Durant is NBA MVP and his acceptance speech will go down in history as possibly the best for accepting award. Congratulations for winning the NBA MVP award. However, Let us take look at how Russell Westbrook helps and potentially hinder the progress of the scoring tandem to a NBA Title.

It is no secret Westbrook cannot be guarded one-on-one. He gets into the lane whenever he wants. He is a great on defense and he is capable of scoring at least 30 points a night. Things that make you scratch your head about Westbrook are questionable shot selection, taking too many shots and thinking of taking the shot before facilitating the offense.

Personally, he should definitely change his game. For example, Chris Paul has the potential to get into the lane or get his shot when he wants. However, Paul looks to get his teammates involved before he calls his own number. Paul is no Westbrook in regard to his explosiveness and ability to score however, Westbrook needs to think like Paul and pass first. When you are passing to the Association MVP, Kevin Durant, you should expect great results.

OKC Thunder is good team with Westbrook playing ball that allows him to take 30 shots on a given night; however, this team will not become championship-caliber team until he able to become more efficient on offense and pass the ball more. The only other way is to move him to shooting guard and they have point guard that would distribute the ball. OKC Thunder may be undersized if they made this move, but I do not think they would suffer too much from having a small backcourt.

You will expect this experiment to go on few more years. The Thunder’s organization may decide they are willing to have their point guard put up 20 or 30 shots a game and thinks he needs to shoot every time on offense. When they decide to let it go without any change, you will always see the Thunder a good team with many wins without NBA title.