Can the OKC Thunder Avoid Being Swept in the Western Conference Finals

Western Conference Championship Team OKC Thunder

Can the OKC Thunder Avoid Being Swept in the Western Conference Finals

OKC Thunder’s fans had high hopes of getting back to the NBA Finals this season, but the injury bugs hit them once again to nearly make it impossible to advance. Last year, it was the explosive point guard Russell Westbrook going down. Serge Ibaka’s goes down before entering a much anticipated Western Conference Finals between the San Antonio Spurs, it is another stroke of bad luck for the Thunder. The 112-77 blowout loss is all the evidence you need to know that Thunder cannot recover from Ibaka being sidelined.

Ibaka is a third scorer but more importantly he provided shot-blocking ability and athleticism to close out perimeter shooters if needed. Ibaka could have helped the Thunder’s perimeter-defense stop the hot-shooting of the Spurs in Game 2. Looking passed Ibaka’s injury, OKC will begin helping themselves by hitting shots and getting more players involved on offense. You cannot expect to win when you shoot 39 percent from the field. Both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook had 15 points each. Durant was 6 of 16 from the field. Westbrook took 24 shots and only had 7 to go down. The only other player to reach double digits was Jeremy Lamb with 13 points. OKC need to take a page out of the Spurs’ playbook and become more efficient on offense.

Spurs’ Danny Green went ham on the Thunder’s perimeter-defense as he knocked down 7 three-pointers. The Spurs moved the ball, and it was Danny Green in Game 2 that benefited from a good efficient offense. You have to ask will Green have another great shooting night like in Game 2, probably not. However, when an offense moves the ball and there are more than two players to score within the scheme of the Spurs’ offense, there will be a different player who will be made a shining star. Spurs are going to move the ball and make other players beat you. In game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, it was Duncan in the middle. Spurs win the Western Conference Finals in four games, it looks like it can happen.

Thunder has one of the best players in the league Kevin Durant and possibly the most dynamic scoring point guard in the Association with Westbrook; therefore, it is not impossible for them to win at least one game to avoid the sweep. However, the two blowout victories in the Western Conference Finals does not provide much confidence to any basketball fan they can win a game. Their offense will bounce back, and the Spurs’ shooting may cool off. However,the Thunder’s defense will continue to struggle. Therefore, Thunder’s fans may not agree, but OKC will not avoid being swept in the Western Conference Finals.