Buying DFS Lineups or Conduct DFS Research

Buying DFS Lineups or Conduct DFS Research

Buying DFS lineups or conducting DFS research to be used in a DFS optimizer. My clock has struck the wee-hours and my insomnia annoying bullhorn, “No sleep”. This is fight goes on and I usually lose, but you are the overall winner for my lack of sleep. A poll would reveal thousands of people believe buying a lineup is a form or cheating. I would be the first to say, it is not cheating, but it is paid advice. Not everyone has the time to research or truly know where to start when conducting research; therefore, let the outsourcing begins.

You will forego the research phase and buy lineups with the remote chance the person who sold you a lineup actually knows what he or she is doing. You should at least want to get your money worth when purchasing lineups. He or she must be able to produce some type of evidence of their success. Your return of investment (ROI) is quite important therefore, you still have to do some research in form or fashion to find the correct source of good advice. There are many people feel comfortable proclaiming there a guru, but believe in their stats and anyone who have used their services and not the title of guru.

Pros and Cons for Buying DFS Lineups

The pros for buying DFS lineups are
1. No research
2. Saves you time

The Cons of Buying DFS Lineups are
1. Getting the same DFS lineups as other individuals
2. Being dependent on another person to pick your lineups
3. Not knowing what makes up a good or bad lineups
4. Trusting how much research went in to create lineups
5. Buying DFS lineups can be costly when you consider you will also have to pay entry fees for fantasy contests

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a lineup, but I am into doing my own research; therefore, I probably will not purchase any DFS lineups from anyone. A few people take it as a challenge to create a winning lineup from the hours of sifting through the stats and suggestions. I will listen to free advice offered by anyone who knows his or her stuff. The suggestions or listening to people helps me with my research. You want to know what the consensus is doing or thinking. It leads you to alternatives not being sought after by the masses. Everyone has the access to some of the same numbers and stats. Strategy will influence how you evaluate the stats. This is also, why it is also good to hear what people are advising other players to do. You could use stats or other research methods to determine if the suggestion is the correct one you make.

I use a lot of Excel along with VBA, but the use of program language R also will be helpful with your fantasy sports research. Excel is almost on every computer, but there are many who would consider using it as the equivalent of getting a root canal in the dark with no anesthesia. It is not as bad, and you almost need Excel to step up your research game. Learning VBA will help with your research. The source of stats is almost endless

Pros and Cons of Conducting Fantasy Sports Research

The pros of doing fantasy sports research
1. You will saves the money you would spend for buying Daily Fantasy Sports lineups.
2. You are not dependent on another person for creating Daily Fantasy Sports lineups.
3. You can create an endless amount of lineups with the use of research.
The cons of doing fantasy sports research
1. Research can be time consuming and it is not guaranteed to produce winning lineups
2. Many people will not be too comfortable using tools such as Excel, VBA, and DFS Optimizers created in Excel.

My motto in most things is “Whatever works.” I will never knock the next man or woman hustle nor will I ever say anything bad about anyone who sells or buy DFS lineups. I prefer to do the research and find players that fit my DFS strategy and provide the best chance for winning a fantasy contest. It should be mentioned if choose to buy lineups, or take free advice, you should never point fingers when you not sitting on top of your fantasy contest’s s leaderboard. If you have a complaint about how poorly your purchased lineups do, you should do the research yourself and see how difficult it is to select DFS lineups.