Blackhawks 3 Wins Closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup

Blackhawks 3 Wins Closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup

Defense, Chicago Blackhawks did not need any stinking defense to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers in first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The 6-5 win can attest to lack of defense from both hockey teams. Blackhawks attacked the goal like a cheetah going at a lost gazelle on Animal Planet. Blackhawks attacked the goal with ferocity of the cheetah just ask Michael Leighton.

Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton usually a great goaltender was not in ear shot of greatness in the Flyers Game 1 loss. He was smashed by the Blackhawks with 5 goals scored with 20 shots on goal. Flyers’ Coach Peter Laviolette could not stand to see anymore of the horror; therefore, Leighton was pulled in favor of Brian Boucher.

Brian Bouncher entered the game in the second period to do what he could to stop the Blackhawks. He did little because Tomas Kopecky took the kill shot that killed the Flyers chance of winning in the 3rd period. Everyone expected a defensive exhibition in this series and the first game was loose and wild; therefore, Fans may wonder how will Game 2 unfold?

It is likely Leighton will not have two back to back terrible games nor is it likely that Flyers’ defense will allow such clear lanes to the goal. Blackhawks can win in various ways; therefore, if it is going to be a free for all then they can be the best at playing that style of game.

Kopecky was not the only Blackhawk to find the goal. Right Wing Troy Brouwer like scoring so much that he had to chip in two goals for the Blackhawks. Both David Bolland and Kris Versteeg managed to score a goal a piece. Blackhawks got the job done without the help of their better scoring player Jonathan Toews.

Flyers needed a better defensive effort to slow down Chicago. The scoring was great and they definitely should not expect to lose too many times when scoring 5 goals. It was a wild night on offense and the wild men that showed their wild side were Arron Asham, Blair Betts, Danny Briere, Scott Hartnell, and Ville Leino with 1 goal each.

Blackhawks is three wins closer to destiny that has been 49 years in the making. Game 1 was not typical of the Blackhawks, but they will take it. Scoring will not come as easy as seen in the first game. Fans should expect a better defense display from both teams in the Stanley Cup finals going forward. It should be quite interesting to see how the Flyers will respond being down 1-0. Game 2 will be played in Chicago and it will be broadcast on NBC at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.