How to Become A Complete Point Guard

How to Become A Complete Point Guard


Everyone is always looking for an edge of the competition and away to improve their skill level on the hardwood. There are few ways to become a complete point guard without cheating or relying on performance enhancing drug. It begins with practice and more practice. Basketball fundamentals seem to have took a back-burner to players playing in middle and high school.

A complete point guard is what makes a team better. He or she who plays point guard position must be able to pass, shoot, and have a good basketball IQ. Therefore, for the upcoming basketball players need a good foundation of good basketball fundamentals. It is frustrating to see a point guard who has a horrible outside shot. He or she are always looking to pass or does not want to get his or her teammates involved. A true point-guard thinks pass first. It is important to have a complete basketball game when playing the point guard position. You can be a scoring threat at the point guard position but you must get your teammates involved. This is truly a complete point guard.

The fundamentals of playing point guard with practice will become second-nature to you. However, you must practice the correct methods. If you learning the wrong techniques and making the wrong decisions in practice you hurt your chances of playing and your team when on the floor. Whenever you are capable, you should practice. The complete point-guard will have that work ethic and become a leader on the floor. He or she will know the playbook like the coach. He or she will try to get the scorer in the best position to score.

You can find many tools to help yourself become the complete point guard that scouts may come look at. You may be take your game to the next level if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The fundamentals of basketball will become second nature.