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What Teams Earned A Good NBA Draft Day Grade

NBA Draft Day, the day to build the future for all NBA teams was set off with big surprises. NBA Draft Day Grade for some teams was outstanding and for some teams it will show they have no clue. In Commissioner’s David Stern last NBA Draft, the first name he called was UNLV, Power Forward, and Anthony Bennett for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The last name announced by David Stern was Nemanja Nedovic, a guard from Serbia for the Phoenix Suns. Stern received a surprise of his own after his last official draft announcement as NBA Commissioner. Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon came out and said a few words in his honor. The Dream was the first named Stern ever announced as Commissioner nearly 30 years ago.

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NBA Draft Day Cometh and What Golden State, Oklahoma City, and Memphis Need to Improve

In the Western Conference, the San Antonio Spurs finished as Western Conference Champions, therefore, what do the teams like Gold State Warriors have Oklahoma City Thunder, Memphis Grizzlies have to do on NBA Draft Day to help them win the Western Conference Championship in 2014. The ultimate goal is find the correct pieces to dethrone the current NBA Champions the Miami Heat.

Golden State Warriors have no picks for the 2013 NBA Draft; however, the do need to make move to get at least get one pick for NBA Draft Day to help their team. It is all about defense and a center willing to hit the boards. Since you do not expect any team to play nice and send the Warriors a great pick in the next 24 hours, Golden State could try find a second round pick a team is more than willing to give up. With the pick, Golden State may find the Bucknell center Mike Muscala. With the injury-prone Andrew Bogut on your roster, Muscala will be great insurance policy for Golden State. Muscala is good on the boards and he can score.

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Spurs One Game Away From 2013 NBA Championship

Manu Ginobili was in the building with his best game in the NBA Playoffs, but the other story in Game 5 of the NBA Finals was former North Carolina Tar Heel standout, Danny Green. Green was lethal from downtown. Green’s shooting and Manu finally made an entrance in the 2013 NBA Championship series that led the Spurs to a much needed 114-104 victory. As a result, the Miami Heat must win back to back games to claim their second consecutive NBA Championship. Neither team has won back to back games; therefore, it going to be tough for the Heat.

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D-Wade Re-introduces Himself in Game 4 of the NBA Finals

In Game 4 of the NBA Finals, D-Wade re-introduced himself as the other force on the Miami Heat’s roster. It is about time. Wade played his best game of the NBA Playoffs and for Miami’s sake; it would be great if he has a few more games like in Game 4 of the NBA Finals. A 109-93 is the second time the Heat has defeated the Spurs by double digits during the NBA Final series. In the voice of Meet Brown’s character Mr. Brown, the guy Lebanon James went off as usual. Okay if you do not know the show, check it out its funny, but seriously, LeBron James along with Chris Bosh made people wonder if this was same San Antonio Spurs that blew the Heat out in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

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Game 4 of the NBA Finals A Must Win Game for the Heat

Okay, let me say it, the Miami cannot go down 3-1. They cannot lose Game 4 of the NBA Finals by having King James to take over the game. He will need help from shooters like Ray Allen or Mike Miller. If Miller and Allen can stretch the floor, you should expect the Heat to even the NBA Final series. James is quite dangerous when he has defense worrying about other teammates. D-Wade is hurt but if he has a big game, along with a great game from James then expects a win.

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Spurs Smash Heat in Game 3 of the NBA Finals

Now, if anyone would have told me that the Miami Heat will be blown out by 36 points a few weeks ago, I would have told them not a chance. However, in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, San Antonio Spursicon did it. The Spurs’ 16 three-pointers along with the great defense on LeBron James are major reason the Heat were defeated by the score of 113-77. Danny Green former North Carolina Tar Heel, and Gary Neal could hardly miss from downtown.

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Sports Fans and Gamers A Must Read Random Thought of A Sports Fan

Sports fans, I am going to go out on a limb and say some of you are gamers to. Well, I know I am more of Madden guy, and eventually the greatest sports title to ever be made will make it on to the newest gaming platform set to be released in November. Well, I am talking about the XBOX One. I am watching some awesome graphics on games expected at launch and everybody else may just have to catch up.

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Spurs Three Games Away From A NBA Championship

San Antonio Spurs are three games closer to a NBA Championship ring and the Miami Heat has been here before so do not panic quite yet. The Spurs 92-88 victory is not more than what basketball fans expected. This is the NBA Finals that when all said and done will be talked about for long time. Tony Parker scored 21 points not the 30 points I thought he would need to win, and they won the game. Heat led in rebounds with 46 to the Spurs’ 37 as they needed to do; however, Miami managed to lose the game.

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2013 NBA Championship It all Begins Tonight

This is it the 2013 NBA Championship and in few hours will see if LeBron James and the Miami Heat have what it takes to repeat. We will also learn if Tony Parker and the Spurs can send Tim Duncan out on top. For Duncan, this may be last NBA Championship run. Parker is the star of the show, and he will need to the best NBA Playoff series of his career.

Everyone talking dynasty for both teams, but it is too early to call the Heat a Dynasty. Heat needs to win three rings with LeBron before you start talking dynasty. Spurs can be considered a dynasty, but this is their final run. The Spurs need a great defensive effort and a big series from Manu. They must do what they can to slow down LeBron. Best plan of attack is to force someone else besides LeBron to beat them. With Wade not having the best Playoff appearance, it is plan that could have the Spurs bringing home 2013 NBA Championship.

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