May 2013 - The Sporty Mouth

Pacers and Heat All Tied Up 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals


Indiana Pacers played their signature brand of basketball to defeat the Miami Heat. They played defense and forced the Heat to take bad shots. It also helped LeBron James was on the bench after fouling out in only his second NBA Playoff game in his career. Pacers tied the Eastern Conference Finals series 2-2 with their 99-92 win.

Pacers continue to hold true to form. They are at their best when the score is at or near the 100 point-mark. Indiana dominated the boards and played outstanding defense. Roy Hibbert scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds. You have to like the Pacers’ chances when Hibbert has such a good performance. Pacers destroyed the Heat in the Paint. You cannot expect to win when the opposing teams can score 50 points in the Paint as the Pacers did. Miami only managed 32 points in the Paint. Pacers’ defense forced the Heat to shoot 39 percent from the floor. You win when you can get a team with the best player in the world to shoot so poorly. Pacers had balanced scoring with Hibbert leading the way. If they continue to play well, the Eastern Conference Finals Championship will be in their grasp.

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