April 2013 - The Sporty Mouth

Why Yankees Versus Red Sox Rivalry Makes a Great Sports Event

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New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox rivalry is possibly the best rivalry in sports. I am sure most fans will agree it is first baseball rivalry that comes to mind when you think of the best baseball rivalry. It started as far back when the great Babe Ruth was traded to the New York Yankees. This rivalry is entrenched in baseball history; therefore, this rivalry will forever remain relevant. When you consider Ruth is the Red Sox player that gave legend to the Yankees’ Pinstripes. He will forever be a Yankee in everyone mind andhe truly built Yankee stadium with his fame; however, he was a Boston Red Sox. It is great rivalry that will keep fans coming to Green Monster and Yankee Stadium. Fans already have the dates circled on schedule. However for those who have not I am listing every remaining home game for each team. Watching this rivalry, many young players will want to learn how to add more power to your baseball swing and play for these teams in the future.

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