April 2013 - The Sporty Mouth

Why Yankees Versus Red Sox Rivalry Makes a Great Sports Event

New York Yankees versus the Boston Red Sox rivalry is possibly the best rivalry in sports. I am sure most fans will agree it is first baseball rivalry that comes to mind when you think of the best baseball rivalry. It started as far back when the great Babe Ruth was traded to the New... Read More »

Dallas Cowboys and the 2013 NFL Draft: Why They Need to Get It Right

Dallas Cowboys will have to make it deep into the NFL Post-season to ensure Jason Garrett keeps his job. The roster is too talented on the offensive side of the ball not to shake up the NFC East. However, I have not met quarterback yet, who can complete a pass on his back. Tony Romo... Read More »

NCAA Men’s Basketball: Final Four Roundup in Video

Louisville, Michigan, Syracuse, and Wichita State head to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in the NCAA Final Four. Checkout the video below. Tweet... Read More »