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Coach Speak: ‘D’ the key for 49ers


Watch the video, I do agree that Justin Smith must create double teams to free up the young but great pass rusher Aldon Smith. Justin is not 100 percent but it is the Super Bowl and he will leave all on the field. Secondary will have to contend with the speedster and deep threat Torrey Smith. When you consider Baltimore Ravens’ Joe Flacco throws one of the best deep balls in the NFL, it could mean a long day for the secondary. Smith will stretch the defense, but expect a lot of intermediate routes to throw the 49ers defense off.

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On Super Bowl Sunday: Will the Safeties be a Factor

James Ihedigbo plays strong safety for the Baltimore Ravens, but it is the great Ed Reed who will keep the 49ers offense on their toes. He is one of the best in the league at intercepting the ball. San Francisco will have to be aware of where he is at all times. Reed is known to bait quarterbacks into the wrong reads and make bad throws that leads to interceptions.

It will be interesting see if he can use his veteran guile to force the 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick to make bad throws. Ed Reed has been known to bring the pain with few hits so it is another reason the wide receiving corps may just miss few balls. The other question will be how will Reed and the rest of the secondary handle play-action off the read zone plays.

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Grizzlies rally past Sixers: Rudy Gay Last Game with Memphis

Memphis Grizzlies defeats the Philadelphia 76ers. It would be the last game that Rudy Gay would wear the Memphis’ uniform. Gay has been a go-to-guy for them; therefore, he maybe missed later on in the season especially during the NBA Playoffs. Checkout the video below.

Can Ray Lewis Allegations be a Distraction for Ravens and is Moss the G.O.A.T.

Will this be distraction for the Baltimore Ravens. It is alleged that the great linebacker Ray Lewis used Deer Antler spray to help him recover from a torn tricep. A spray that contains IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is a banned substance by the NFL. It is only detected by a blood test. Will this be a distraction to a team that is about to play biggest game of the season. Look at video below and learn more.

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Rondo Out for the Season What will the Boston Celtics do Now

Rajon Rondo goes down for the season with a torn ACL. You have to wonder how will the Boston Celtics function without their best player. You almost have to think they must make moves by rebuilding team. This season is practically a wash.

Super Bowl Sunday Tickets: Where to Find Them

With the big game on the horizon, You can still find a Super Bowl ticket. You could find Super Bowl Tickets.

It may not all that easy but they are out there. You have sites like TicketLiquidator and Vivid Seats are options. It will be well worth it if you are a NFL Football Fan. It is not very often you find yourself in front of the action on Super Sunday. It is a sports experience that would be unforgettable. Super Bowl Sunday Tickets are must have sports ticket.

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The Winner of the AFC Championship Game is

New England Patriots or the Baltimore Raven, what team can represent the AFC on Super Bowl Sunday. Tom Brady will come in ready to pick the Ravens’ secondary. However, you will expect Baltimore to control the clock with their running game. Therefore, you should expect Ray Rice to have big running game.

Joe Flacco must have great game in order for the Ravens to defeat New England. It will be an exciting game to watch. You can learn more of what everyone else is thinking regarding the game by watching the video below.

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What Team Makes the fan Buy NBA Tickets

The team that would make the Average Joe want to buy NBA Ticketsis the Los Angeles Clippers. They are the most exciting team to take the floor and that is bar none. Los Angeles Clippers are spectacular; therefore, sports event tickets you get will be worthwhile. You might say the Miami Heat because LeBron and D-Wade can put on a show. However, the pure athleticism of the Clippers is unmatched. The Clippers are built to run the open court. With possibly the best point guard leading the fast break in Chris Paul, you can almost expect highlight reel material on any break.

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