December 2012 - The Sporty Mouth

Adrian Peterson Needed 9 Yards and Gets A NFL Playoff Berth

What a game it was to catapult the Minnesota Vikings into the NFL Playoffs for the first time since 2009. One would argue Adrian Peterson is the NFL MVP for this season. He looked the part as he carried the Vikings to 37-34 victory over the Green Bay Packers. With 199 yards, Peterson was 9... Read More »

Why NFL Week 15 was Great for Sports Fans

NFL Week 15 is a wrap with a Tennessee Titans’ victory over the New York Jets. With the 14-10 victory, the Titans officially put a wrap on the Jets’ NFL Playoff hopes and perhaps brought an end to Mark Sanchez’ career as a starting quarterback in New York. The week had many games that made... Read More »

Pats Vs 49ers Make Sports Event Tickets Hot Items

Looking over the upcoming schedule, sports event tickets there will be a few hot items or tickets to watch the game between the San Francisco 49ers versus the New England Patriots. It looks like a possible Super Bowl preview. Okay, it may sound as if I am jumping the gun, but both teams are playing... Read More »

Week 14 Young QBs were Spectacular

If you told me that Week 14 in the NFL would end with 42-14 blowout victory by the New England Patriots over the Houston Texans, I would say you were smoking on something. However, it was a surprise to most football fans; the Patriots took the Texans to the woodshed and taught them a lesson.... Read More »