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RGIII Outstanding, Peyton is Back, Luck Not So Much

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Robert Griffin III looked like he has been there for years. Andrew Luck played like a rookie, Peyton Manning showed Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL is he is back. Three quarterbacks made some noise and the fans should expect that pattern to continue as the season goes.

NFC East may just have a problem on their hands trying to defend RGIII and the Redskins passing game. He made the organization look like geniuses as he had better first NFL game than Luck. Yes it is only game one but what a game one for the rookie. Griffin helped Washington to 40 points and first victory of the season over a New Orleans Saints team that was supposed to give them no chance. Griffin III passed for 320 yards and two touchdowns and had no interceptions. You could not ask for better performance considering what other rookies did around the league. RGIII will forever be compared to Luck but their first day on the job was really no comparison.

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Three NFL QBs to Watch on NFL First Sunday of Play

The first Sunday of the NFL season is today. Everyone will be watching their favorite teams cheering their hearts out with hope of a victory. There will be three starts that will probably grab everyone attentions. The three starts involve the return of best quarterback in the NFL, Peyton Manning, rookie quarterbacks, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Manning, makes his return to professional football against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The question will be will the real Manning stand up or will fans actually see a quarterback that should have retired. Steeler’s defense will make it interesting for Manning and the Denver’s faithful. Manning if he returns to greatness, he will have the Broncos in the hunt for a NFL Playoff bid. It is time to get NFL Football Tickets and watch the season unfold.

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