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The Best Baseball Players in the League


Top 50 Major League Baseball Players that have fans in awe when they play. Do you agree with Top 50 Major League Baseball players. Leave your opinion once you watch the video below.

Top 50 Major League Baseball Players by CineSport

Linsanity Set to Rocket with New Contract

You know I hear a big deal being made about how the New York Knicks did not match the offer to keep Jeremy Lin, but is he better point guard than Raymond Felton, No. However, he would have helped the Knicks draw a bigger crowd and that translates to more revenue. As people found out, Lin held his own but he did not handle pressure well. He may turn about to be better this season but the league adjusted to how they would play defense against him. Lin should be all smiles as he has his chance to continue were he left off last season. Business is business and never trusts the words coming out of a team’s mouth instead, trust what is is in print and only when you are able to sign on the dotted line.

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