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Do College Football Plan of a New Playoff System Go Far Enough

If you were really upset about the BCS System in College Football, you may be happier with the news of the College Football going to a four team playoff format. Well, if you are like me you have to ask yourself why only four teams? I understand with the ferocity of football there cannot be too many games played; however, it needed to be more teams. As of this post, there is not clear definition of what actually will happen to the bowl system.

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Thunder Win Has Them One Game from the NBA Finals

San Antonio bolted out the gate as if they would give the Oklahoma City Thunder no chance. However, the tandem of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook were not going without a fight. The fight has the Spurs staggered and daze and almost out of the NBA Playoffs. Thunder has defeated the Spurs three consecutive games. It smells like a meltdown and this is not what most Spurs fans want to hear.

OKC will have to continue the play that will eventually lead to the team’s first appearance in the NBA Finals while being located in Oklahoma City. The last two games have been some of the best playoff games you ever wanted to watch. Westbrook is passing the ball which is always good sign. He had 12 assists and he scored 23 points. Durant continues to show why he has won three consecutive scoring titles. He had 27 points for the game. Thunder leads the series 3-2 and they won a game on the road that seemed to have been elusive in the NBA Playoffs.

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