May 2012 - The Sporty Mouth

Spurs Are Dominant Over the Younger Clipper Team

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); San Antonio Spurs are doing whatever they choose to do with Los Angeles Clippers. Defense continue to be the hallmark of championship caliber teams and the Spurs are looking quite the part. However, they did not play like it in the first half. They kept their poise and now they... Read More »

Thunder Shocks Lakers and Celtics Blasts the 76ers Only in the NBA Playoffs

Boston showed up to play some great playoff basketball in Wednesday night blowout victory over the Philadelphia 76ers. The 107-91 victory truly shows that Celtics can still be dominant despite being the elder statements of the NBA Playoffs. Oklahoma City Thunder has yet to lose a game in the NBA Playoffs and last night victory;... Read More »