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North Carolina to the Big Easy or Bust

North Carolina Tar Heels’ basketball team will once again challenge for a national title. The starting five is stacked to say the least. Duke Blue Devils may have something say about how the Tar Heels will do in the ACC. Other than those two teams, the ACC is not basketball conference it once was.

Harrison Barnes has started to live up to the hype he received out of high school. Fans should expect Barnes have monster sophomore season. Barnes will not be the only player that will play an intricate part to the Tar Heels’ success. Tyler Zeller, John Henson, James McAdoo, and the point guard play of Kendall Marshall will have North Carolina looking to finish in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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NBA Players Should Think Twice About Playing Abroad

Fans may have to prepare for the possibility of not having a NBA basketball slated for 2011-212 season. Many players have decided playing professional basketball abroad will be better than no basketball. It may be good for the fans; however, the increased chances of injury could truly hurt the competition of the NBA once the NBA lockout ends.

Families must eat, and life must go on for those players who cannot wait for the lockout to end. By signing with other teams, possible injury could put their NBA season in jeopardy. Playing overseas will create risk that will be covered by some great insurance stipulations in contracts being signed, but it only covers the monetary value of losing a player. However, it does not account for players’ skills that he would bring to their NBA team. A good insurance policy will not make the team better when the player is needed on the court.

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The NFL stands for No F***ing Loyalty Just Ask Tim Tebow

Many fans yell loyalty in professional sports, but it is a big business. When players cannot play anymore or put the stats up, they are traded or released. One moment, the organization is behind you and the next moment, they are backpedaling like quarterback trying to avoid the blitz when trying to take back any promises made about players in the future.

Denver Broncos has nice little two-step going on with their quarterback situation. First, the Broncos do not love Kyle Orton; therefore, they attempt move him. It looks as if Tim Tebow will finally get his chance to prove he can be a quarterback in the NFL, but hold up, Orton is not much of a commodity on the open market as expected; therefore, Denver wants him back into the fold. Tim Tebow should be irate, but he must be professional and be the team player. In private, he might be cursing and more stuff, by the Broncos’ lack of support.

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Can MLB Leave A-Rod’s Life Alone: Allegations of Playing in Illegal High Stakes Poker Games

Major League Baseball may suspend New York Yankees’ Alex Rodriguez for allegedly playing illegal poker games. Their reason is the crowd may contain people that bet on baseball, and it may lead Rodriguez down the road taken by former Major League Career Hits leader, Pete Rose.

MLB is protecting their interest; however can players live. If they were actually allegations of A-Rod betting on games that may be something different, but he is playing poker. It is not on the field or does not seem to affect his play on the field. Too many leagues are trying to police a player’s lifestyle. You should be allowed to live a little.

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Dallas Cowboys Sit Idle in NFL Free Agency is not Good

Dallas Cowboys must be satisfied with their roster, because it has not made any significant moves in this year’s free agency. They cleared cap space to make moves, and the only real attempt Dallas has made was to go after Asomugha. It failed, and now, the Cowboys have not tried to get their feet wet so forget about making a big splash in the NFL’s Free Agency.

There needs lies in the secondary and with the release of Roy Williams, the Cowboys need a third wide receiver. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are good wide receiver; however, they still need help. It would be great if Jerry Jones can coax Randy Moss out of retirement. Moss would be a great addition to Dallas. Secondary help begins by getting younger at the cornerback position or at least get someone who going to do better job than Terrence Newman and company did last season.

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Randy Moss Retires but Will he Stay Retired

Randy Moss has called it a career or is he going to do an about face like Bret Favre. As it stands, Moss has 13 years. He has been among the best wide receivers during his time in the NFL. There are not many deep threats that could stand along side Moss. He was that good. Moss was looking for contender to sign with, because he wanted a ring.

I think he will return and he will do well anywhere that will come calling. Moss had offers but he was looking for a contract that was for more than a year. It is surprising teams would not sign him to the contract he was looking for, but he may wait and change his mind.

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