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Eagles are Perched at the top of the NFC East with Signing of Asomugha


Philadelphia Eagles swooped in and nabbed the best free agent on the market. Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is the Eagle that may land Michael Vick and company their first Super Bowl Ring. Ok, I am jumping the gun, but the fans of Philadelphia should like their chances with Asomugha are in the fold.

Asomugha is an elite cornerback who shutdown skills may be second only to the New York Jets’ Darrelle Revis. He was suppose to play on the opposite side of the field of Revis Island as the Jets were frontrunner until them Eagles snatched Asomugha from them. Dallas Cowboys were also in the race for Asomugha’s services, and now they will have to game plan against him.

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Cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is the Best Player in NFL Free Agency

Lockout is over let the NFL Free Agency talk begin. One name in particular will be talked about because he is clearly the best player looking for a new home. The player is cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha and for any struggling secondary who can afford him, he is definitely the answer. A team like the Dallas Cowboys would need his help but it is not likely he will end up on America’s team.

Why is Asomugha so special? Asomugha is the best cover corner in football. He is a shutdown corner that strikes fear into some of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He has the speed, size, and instincts. He does not get big number of interceptions because teams are smart enough not to throw in his direction. With him locking down his side of the field, it means teams can blitz more without fear of being beat deep on his side of the field. A great pass rushing team will make him an asset. Asomugha is great in man-to-man coverage and there will be a question mark if he has to play zone.

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Kiss the NFL Lockout Goodbye

It is not official as of yet, but the NFL Lockout is no more. A few things must happen such as the players must recertify as a Union. For the most part fans, the wait of actual NFL activity is a day away. The rookies are definitely glad to hear the NFL work stoppage is done, because they now can begin signing lucrative contracts. It ends the longest work stoppage in NFL history. The fans are glad it is over.

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Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar Makes Hall And Seattle Takes Another Great Fall

Pitcher Bert Blyleven was finally voted into the Hall of Fame. Roberto Alomar is another name that will also make his way into Cooperstown. Seattle Mariners have mastered the art of the losing streak. Baseball highest honor making to the Hall Fame is why players play the game; however, the Mariners’ losing streak is just downright awful.

Blyleven seem to wait forever for the call, but his hard work and accomplishments in the Majors have finally moved the voters. He also will be the first Dutch player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. It is 22 years of pitching and 287 victories along with being fifth on the All-time strikeout list with 3,701 Ks. He also has two World Series rings to his credit. He won his first ring with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1979 and won another with the Minnesota Twins in 1987. It took 14 tries but he is in there among the baseball greats as he belongs.

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Texas Hottest Team in the Majors with 10-Game Win Streak

Texas Rangers is the hottest team in the Majors. With their 5-1 victory over the Seattle Mariners on Saturday, they moved their winning streak to 10 games. The 10-games winning streak is the longest in Major League Baseball. The Rangers are sitting on top of the American League West Division with a three-game cushion over the Los Angeles Angels.

Mariners are going in the other direction with an 8-game losing streak. Their game of baseball must improve. They need some help from the team that won 116 games almost 10 years ago. This is about the only thing Seattle has to celebrate because this season is not going well to say the least. The offense cannot generate runs and beyond Felix Hernandez as their pitching ace, the team needs help in all areas.

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NL All-Stars Win and Milwaukee Brewers Get A Closer

National League All-Stars get second straight win and Milwaukee makes move to get a closer. Highlights have many fans wanting to catch good baseball game. National League winning two consecutive years is a rarity. It is about time the American League has been quite dominant for sometime.

National League provided some dominant pitching. The pitching combined for a six hitter and one run. Tyler Clippard of the Washington Nationals earned the win and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson earned the save. Prince Fielder’s three-run homerun was more enough for the National League, but it also earned him the National League Most Valuable Player. Fielder will not soon forget 5-1 victory.

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Will NBA Players Take Their Games Overseas

Can top-flight players of the NBA be making their way overseas while the NBA lockout goes on? Many are considering the move or at least the media is talking it up. Kobe Bryant and Deron Williams are the biggest names that circle the Internet about joining teams out of Turkey.

On so many levels, I cannot see this happening. The risk of injury is at top of the list of why basketball fans may not see their favorite player in a different uniform. Many players may take this layoff as time to rest for when the 2011-2012 NBA season will start.

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Derek Jeter is 3000 hits Strong Only New York Yankee to Reach Milestone

New York, New York is a city that never sleeps and for baseball fans, New York Yankee fans specifically will cheer for their Captain Derek Jeter. Jeter accomplished what many great New York Yankees before him could not. He is the lone Bronx Bomber to have 3,000 hits for a career.

His 3000th hit came in front of the home crowd off of pitcher David Price of the Tampa Bay Rays. It was single to left field that put him into the 3000-hit club and as the only Yankee with membership among the 28 major league players who as accomplished the feat. The hit came in the third inning.

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Which is Michael Beasley a Weed-Head or Just Irresponsible

Stop me if you heard this before, Pro-baller stopped in the wee hours of the morning and allegations of weed is found in the car, but it is not his. Yes, it sounds like a broken record, but Michael Beasley of the Minnesota Timberwolves was stopped and marijuana is found in his car and of course, it is not his. Therefore, is Beasley a weed-head or was the marijuana found in his car actually someone else? The Irresponsible move by a talented player is typical; therefore, these young talented players need to get smarter about their actions.

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Who is More Valuable to Their Teams Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is back with the Yankees, but he went hitless; therefore, he did not gain ground on reaching the 3,000 hit mark. St. Louis Cardinals may get Albert Pujols back sooner than expected. Both great players in their own right and which is more valuable to their team.
Derek Jeter is good player but his great days are slowing becoming quite distant. He will become the first New York Yankee to reach 3000 hits. He is the Captain but the Yankees can win without Jeter in the lineup. In his absence, the Yankees played well. It will be great for Jeter to reach a milestone of 3000 hits, but the Yankees do not him in the lineup to play well.

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