June 2011 - The Sporty Mouth

Will Greg Oden and Yao Ming Return to the NBA and can they Stay

Will Yao Ming and Greg Oden ever play basketball again and if so for how long? Portland picked up Oden’s option of 8.8 million dollars, and it automatically started me to ponder the future of the both often-injured centers. It was admirable that the Trailblazers exercised the option on Oden, but the NBA is all... Read More »

What is going on in Major League Baseball

Baseball fans seem like they are watching a reality show without Housewives in the title. Jim Riggleman does not like how he was being treated by the Washington Nationals; therefore, he walks and the guy that coached Dwight Gooden to a World Series Ring, Davey Johnson is hired. Los Angeles Dodgers are having problems in... Read More »

The Debate of the NBA Greatest Player Continues

I am having basketball withdrawals, these are tough times for fans that eat and breathe basketball. Okay, I might be couple of months late since Scottie Pippen mentioned James would be greater than Jordan. Pippen is doing a little damage control by clarifying the foot-in-mouth syndrome he had when he proclaimed LeBron James would be... Read More »