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Dirk Versus LeBron Who Puts the NBA Ring on First

Dirk versus LebBron, two players only one ring who puts the NBA ring on first. Dirk is the superstar with a supporting staff that pale in comparison to the LeBron and the players who will join him in the fight to win the NBA title.

Dallas has shown the world that the favorite is not always the winner as they defeated a Los Angeles Laker squad that was suppose to three-peat. A clean sweep that was not expected by any basketball fan. Dirk is best shooter to stand seven feet tall. By far, Dirk is the best European player to play the game. He will need to play the best NBA Playoff series of his career for the Mavericks to win their first NBA title.

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NCAA Needs to be Overhauled

The NCAA continues to show disproportioned ways to implement penalties throughout college sports. It is difficult to see why Jim Tressel still employed by the Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach, when he did basically the same as former University of Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl, he lied to the NCAA.

USC Trojans are on probation for wrongdoings that was done during the Reggie Bush Era, but the Cam Newton incident does not cause any penalties to be levied on the Auburn Tigers football team or Mississippi State Bulldogs. NCAA Rules Committee needs to be overhauled.

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It was the Chris Bosh Show in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals

It was the Chris Bosh show in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals series. He was the biggest first option of Big Three when the Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls by the score 96-85. Bosh 34 points led all scorers including Carlos Boozer who took a verbal shot at Bosh by declaring the Heat only had the the Big Two referring only to Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. Thus far, the Big Two plus one more has been better than the Bulls and Bosh have played far better than the Bulls and Carlos Boozer.

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Cleveland Crushes the Kansas City Royals 19-1

Cleveland Indians made sure Kansas City Royals’ pitcher Vin Mazzaro did not know how to spell relief. Mazzaro will remember the infamous history he made his entire baseball career. He allowed 14 earned runs with the majority coming in the 4th inning. In the 4th inning, Cleveland Indians ripped him for 10 of their 19 runs scored for the entire game.

When things went bad, they really went bad for Mazzaro. He is the only Major League Baseball pitcher to allow 14 runs in just 2 innings. Cleveland could not get anything wrong. Their defense was superb as they only allow the Royals 1 run. Cleveland had 20 hits.

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Memphis Grizzlies Forces a Game 7 with a 93-85 Victory

Memphis Grizzlies pushes their NBA playoff series to a Game 7 with a 95-83 victory. Zach Randolph great performance extends the Grizzlies playoff run. He scored 30 points and grabbed 13 rebounds. The Grizzlies played great defense during the game, and they were especially tough when Oklahoma Thunder Kevin Durant was trying to score.

Zach Randolph was making the interior defense of the Thunder looked like some recreation team playing. O.J. Mayo had 16 points and Michael Conley scored 11 points and passed out 12 assists. Grizzlies will to win would not be denied a Game 7.

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