December 2010 - The Sporty Mouth

No.8 Stanford Ends No. 1 UConn Women’s 90 Game Win Streak

Two streaks, the number one ranked UConn Women’s 90 game winning streak and the 8th ranked Stanford Cardinal’s 52 Home game winning streak were on the line; however, one streak had to give way to the other. Unfortunately, UConn Women could not go into the house of the 8th ranked Stanford Cardinals and end Stanford’s... Read More »

Tucker Carlson, Let Vick Have His Second Chance

Everyone is entitled to their opinion as I express my own in this article. I was reading an article regarding a statement made by another media guy from Fox by the name of Tucker Carlson regarding Michael Vick and his involvement with dog fighting. Carlson statement in so many words stated Vick should have been... Read More »

Los Angeles Lakers Woes Continue

Los Angeles Lakers are not playing like a championship caliber team. They are being beat up and down, the floor, and losing by double digits. Kobe does not look like he has that Killer Instinct to literally take over games when needed. Tuesday night, the Lakers fell to the San Antonio Spurs 97-82. The Spurs... Read More »

NFL Week 16 Wrap Up

NFL Week 16 saw a Head Coach lose his job, a highly touted team not make it to the playoffs and the most unlikely of teams win their division. With one game left in the NFL Regular Season, San Francisco 49ers Head Coach Michael Singletary was fired. The San Diego Chargers did not do enough... Read More »

Most Disappointing NFL Teams of 2010

NFL Regular Season is one week shy of its conclusion. I thought I would take a look back at teams that were poised to be force in the NFL this season, but for one reason or another was a total disappointment. The expectations for each team that made the list were quite high and personnel... Read More »

Lakers Vs Heat: James Delivers Triple Double in Heat’s Blowout Victory

The game was the Lakers vs Heat, and James delivered a Triple Double in Heat’s blowout victory. For Miami Heat fans, they celebrated Christmas with a win over the Champion Los Angeles Lakers. This game has been circled since the NBA schedule was available to public, and it was a dud for as competitive value.... Read More »

The NCAA is a Joke

I am laughing at the NCAA, because the NCAA is a joke. They are doing another bang up job of issuing punishment to College Football athletes. This time it is the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Daniel Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, and Solomon Thomas that violated NCAA rules and will be suspended for the first five... Read More »

NFL Week 16 Predictions

NFL Week 16 predictions will have me taking looking at teams, such as the Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, and the Kansas City Chiefs. The three teams are all attempting to snatch up the last few NFL Playoff spots. Each of the three teams must win to ensure they stay in the hunt for access... Read More »

The San Antonio Spurs Have the Best Record in the NBA

The San Antonio Spurs is on a nine-game winning streak and have a NBA best 24-3 won-loss record. The Spurs may be the surprise team that they jumped out to such a good start at the beginning of the season and has yet to lose any momentum. The Press has went to teams like the... Read More »

NFL Week 15 Wrap Up

It is hard to believe the NFL Regular Season is in Week 15. There have been some exciting football up to this point and you should expect a lot more as the NFL Playoffs approaches. In case you missed it, checkout at the video below and relive NFL Week 15. Tweet... Read More »