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What a Great Weekend in Sports

What a weekend in sports. Michael Vick is a starting quarterback in the NFL once more. Texas Longhorns were thrashed by UCLA. Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings won their first game of the season. Braylon Edwards was driving drunk. Alabama pulls out a 24-20 victory over Arkansas.

Peyton Manning keeps proving he is the best quarterback in the NFL. I was talking with my brother and he had to agree as well. I am not an Indianapolis Colts’ fan, but to put Manning’s ability into prospective, he continues to have great seasons passing the ball without a running game in years. It is more difficult to have a great passing offense without a serviceable running game.

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NFC West: 49ers are the Best of the Bunch

The NFC West is a division that could be won by three teams with the San Francisco 49ers taking a slight lead over the Arizona Cardinals, and the Seattle Seahawks. The Saint Louis Rams are a few years away from challenging for anything; therefore, Rams fans I say enjoy Sam Bradford as he should be starting by Game 5 of this season.

The San Francisco 49ers have great receivers but a below average quarterback in Alex Smith; therefore, Frank Gore the running back should be featured in an offensive system that will benefit from playing a ball-control offense. Tight End Vernon Davis will be the primary receiver, and the second year man Michael Crabtree has all the tools to be an outstanding wide receiver in this league. The defense has one of the best linebackers in the league in Patrick Willis. Willis is kept free of blockers by the outstanding play of defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin. Secondary is solid, but could use some work. 49ers win the division, if Alex Smith can play like a legitimate starting quarterback and if Frank Gore can stay healthy.

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