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What 5 players in NBA Free Agency complements Lebron James


I have explored teams as a possible fit for Lebron now I am taking a look at who will be the best complementary players that can play alongside Lebron James and get James his first ring. I know Lebron can play with almost anyone but for argument sake I will say five people will be great complementary players. It has to be with the correct team and in my previous post 3 NBA teams last post if any team had clear shot at winning a title with Lebron it would be with Chicago but he would need one of these players on this list.

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Top 10 List of Thoughts of Isner and Mahut

John Isner and Nicholas Mahut battled until the darkness sent them both on a timeout. 10 hours longest tennis match on record, 118 games, and oh yeah, deadlock at 59-59 and their encore will be to actually finish. Wimblendon will forever remember such a great battle to a tie.

Top 10 Thoughts that probably went to their head during the match

10. John Isner: I wonder if The Tampa Bay Rays plays this long.

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Blackhawks season ends with first Stanley Cup in 49 years

49 years in the making, the Chicago Blackhawks concluded their epic Stanley Cup run with a destiny fulfilled. Blackhawks season end as many experts expected with a NHL championship. Chicago needed overtime and a shot from Patrick Kane to claim the Cup. The shot did not immediately set the crowd or Kane’s teammates into an elated frenzy, because red light did not indicate the goal was good. Upon official review, the Blackhawks with certainty could finally celebrate a 4-3 overtime victory and their first Stanley Cup Championship in over four decades.

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