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Interleague Play Great for Fans

The household name for the games played by teams from both leagues is Interleague play. Interleague play have given that what if factor for those who wondered which was the better league without the aide of a playoff or World Series.

Interleague play has provided New Yorkers the Subway series that actually count for something. It helps show the fans from Boston how they stack up against one of the best teams in the National League such as the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Blackhawks 3 Wins Closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup

Defense, Chicago Blackhawks did not need any stinking defense to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers in first game of the Stanley Cup Finals. The 6-5 win can attest to lack of defense from both hockey teams. Blackhawks attacked the goal like a cheetah going at a lost gazelle on Animal Planet. Blackhawks attacked the goal with ferocity of the cheetah just ask Michael Leighton.

Flyers goaltender Michael Leighton usually a great goaltender was not in ear shot of greatness in the Flyers Game 1 loss. He was smashed by the Blackhawks with 5 goals scored with 20 shots on goal. Flyers’ Coach Peter Laviolette could not stand to see anymore of the horror; therefore, Leighton was pulled in favor of Brian Boucher.

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The Chicago Blackhawks Next Stanley Cup Winner?

Chicago Blackhawks swept their way into the Stanley Cup Finals. The Philadelphia Flyers had to avoid a near sweep to win the right to play for the Cup. Philadelphia has not been a Stanley Cup winner since 1975 and it has been even longer that a trophy has been hoisted over the head of a Blackhawk player. It was 1961 to be exact.

Many experts think that the Blackhawks have a chance to end a 49 year drought and win the Stanley Cup. They are a very versatile hockey team that can do a lot to win. If defense is needed they can play that style of hockey and if team need to use speed then the Blackhawks can get victory as well.

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Boston Celtics: Old Guys Matchup and have Tools to Defeat the Magic

Boston Celtics has proven to the world that they still have something left in tank with the defeat of Lebron James and the Cavaliers. The Celtics must face a team that has steam rolled their competition or should I say lack that of. Celtics does what the two previous teams were unable to do and that is matchup with the Orlando Magic.

Defense will be this series mainstay because both teams can be imposing on the defensive end.

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What Happen to the Boston Bruins

What happened to the Bruins. Philadelphia Flyers played their way back into the series and ultimately won it. They won 4-3 in match that Bruins’ fans will not soon forget. They will not forget because it marked the third time in NHL playoff history that a team fail to win a playoff series when leading 3-0. I cannot believe such breakdown has occurred more than once especially from a professional sports teams.

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