April 2010 - The Sporty Mouth

Why Dez Bryant Makes the Cowboys one of the better NFC Teams

Many teams passed on the Oklahoma State star wide receiver because of his off-the-field issues. However, the Dallas Cowboys took a gamble with their 24th pick. Bryant may have been picked at 24 slot, but he is possibly the best receiver in the draft. He big strong wide receiver that will be an added weapon... Read More »

Tebow Touchdowns in Denver

Possibly the best college football player, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has a home. It is in the Mile-High city of Denver. The Broncos selected Tebow with the 25th pick. This probably took everyone by surprise considering many experts believe that Tebow was not a first-round prospect. Tebow touchdowns in Denver and fans may not be... Read More »

Battle of the Draft Grades: Team AFC South vs Team NFC South

Team AFC South faces Team NFC South to see which conference knows how to draft for team needs. Houston Texans receives a draft grade of A because they had few needs to meet. With the draft they addressed their need of a backup runningback to Steve Slayden. The cornerback Kareem Jackson should be go fit... Read More »

Battle of the Draft Grades: Team AFC West vs Team NFC West

Today we have the Team AFC West versus Team NFC West to see which conference had the better draft based only what team needed. The grades are not based on the overall talent that was draft but if the team used the draft to meet team needs. I thought it would be an amusing way... Read More »

Super Bowl Steeler, Stick or Move

Super Bowl Steeler, I speak of is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The question that Pittsburgh organization is wondering out loud in regard to Big Ben is whether to stick with him or should they move him. Pittsburgh Steelers could be really talking trade but with what team? Roethlisberger in two consecutive years have found himself in... Read More »

5 Good Reasons to buy a Red Sox Ticket

1. Boston fans have seen Boston struggle mightily. The 5 game losing streak has contributed to the 9 losses. In the 5 losses, their highest run total in a game has only been 2 runs scored. Three of the games they have allowed over 6 runs by opponents. The bats are hurting and the offense... Read More »

Who will fill the Dallas Cowboys Picks?

Who will fill the Dallas Cowboys picks can bring many answers since they are few needs that the organization should address. The protection of QB Tony Romo will be tested since the release of veteran Left Tackle Flozell Adams. Safety Ken Hamlin struggled in coverage last year. He was shown the door as a result.... Read More »

Colorado no hitter is a first

Ubaldo Jimenez becomes the first Colorado Rockies’ pitcher to pitch a no-hitter. Jimenez is known for his hard throwing and good control. He did not allow a hit from the Atlanta Braves. He struck out 7 batters and only allowed 6 walks. The Rockies’ bats produced 4 runs to win the game. Below are few... Read More »

Clash of the Exciting, Lakers Vs Cavaliers

This would be great matchup to see LeBron James face Kobe Bryant for a NBA Championship. Both have tough roads to actually see it happen. Lakers first playoff opponent is the OKC Thunder. Kevin Durant can score but with Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol leading the way for the Lakers, you expect Los Angeles to... Read More »

Where There is Fire, there is the Western Conference, NBA Playoffs

The Western Conference, NBA Playoffs should be blazing hot. Teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oklahoma Thunder will have people watching the NBA Playoffs unfold. Western Conference NBA Playoffs have other intriguing matchups. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks seem to always be something special. Phoenix Suns will face the... Read More »