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Will the NBA Rookie of the Year Stand Up

The crop of talented first year players in the NBA is lead hands down by three players and they are Milwaukee Bucks’ Point Guard Brandon Jennings, Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephan Curry, and the Sacramento Kings’ shooting guard Tyreke Evans. Many would like to go by the numbers and pick the Rookie of the year and if that is the criteria then Tyreke Evans would lead the pack. Overall performance along with how each member have contributed to their respective teams success is what we will take look at for each rookie.

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Stephen Strasburg a Star in Waiting

Stephen Strasburg, the number one pick of the Washington National in 2009, hype is as advertised. He will start in Double a Harrisburg ball club, but it would be difficult to argue that fans and the Washington Nationals team will be chomping at the bit to get this flame thrower in their rotation this season.

Great pitching trumps offense in the Big Leagues and taking the Nationals need to win Strasburg would be needed in their rotation this year. It will not put the Nationals in the playoffs but he will definitely help improve the worst team in baseball.

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What Team will play UConn Lady Huskies for the National Championship

What Team will play UConn Lady Huskies for the National Championship thumbnail

The Lady Huskies being in the National Championship game is like paying taxes, it going to happen no matter what anyone say or do. Lady Huskies is an outstanding defensive squad and beating their opponents by more than 10 points is a testament to it. The balance offense when clicking is unstoppable and it led by the all world player Center Tina Charles. The outside game of Maya Moore and Kalana Greene opens up things for Charles in the middle. Charles cannot get lost on the offensive end and Moore cannot settle for jump shots because this is only way the Lady Huskies struggles. They will dance all the way to San Antonio, Texas

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