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Pittsburgh makes Minnesota Vikings Unbeaten Season Disappears

Their was not any magic for Brett Favre and the Vikings this week as Pittsburgh Steelers makes the Viking unbeaten season disappears. The defensive unit negates the almost mythically magic comeback capability of Favre, which have been his calling card for this season with two key components in the game. The two components brought the Steelers their victory were the containment of Vikings’ runningback Adrian Peterson and the defense returning 2 turnovers for touchdowns. The one shining highlight for the Vikings was Wide Receiver Percy Harvin. He showed why he might be the most explosive rookie this season as this is the second week he scores a touchdown returning the ball for the Special Teams. He scored on an 88 yard Kickoff return.

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In Game Analysis: Minnesota VS Pittsburgh NFL Week 7

The Vikings offense have not been able to establish the run and thus far with the game in the 3rd quarter Adrian Peterson only has 34 yards on 14 carries. Pittsburgh defensive unit quickness is making it difficult for the passing game and they are easily keeping Peterson in check.

They are alot of hard hits as the Pittsburgh defense has shook up Vikings receiver Percy Harvin. It has been a Pittsburgh type game great defense and strong running game to control the clock.

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Great College Games on Saturday

It is difficult argue which was the best college football game on Saturday. The two most exciting that I either saw or watched the games highlights were the Tennessee versus Alabama and the Iowa versus Michigan State.

Iowa Hawkeyes needed the last play of game to stay undefeated. A touchdown pass from Quarterback Ricky Stanzi to Wide Receiver Marvin McNutt moved Iowa to 8-0 for first time in school history. It is a weekly occurrence that Iowa finds a way to win. Hawkeyes are showing grit but I know their fans do not like being at the edge of their seat for every victory. They will definitely take the 15-13 victory over Michigan State.

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NFL Week 7 Minnesota Vikings VS Pittsburgh Steelers

Minnesota has scored over 30 points it last two games but in Week 7 expect a low scoring output from an offense that arguably has the best runningback and quarterback combination in the NFL. Adrian Peterson and Brett Favre must continue their great play in order to beat the Steelers. Pittsburgh’s defense is possibly the best defense that the potent Vikings’ offense has face this season. The Ravens was a field goal short from beating Minnesota and their defense gave up 33 points.

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NBA Hoops Season Tips Off

Vince Carter coming to Orlando will provide the Magic a slasher and proven scorer who can get to the basket without a set play. Everyone knows Vince is possibly the best finisher in the game. He takes some of the scoring load off the Superman Dwight Howard. Ron Artest will do few things that will possibly allow him to get his first ring with the Los Angeles Lakers. He becomes the defensive stopper who now will guard the opposing teams best scoring threat and that will free up Kobe who usually draws that assignment of guarding the other team best scorer.

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Broncos, Saints, and Vikings Remain Undefeated in NFL Week 6

Denver Broncos, New Orleans Saints, and the Minnesota Vikings remain undefeated. Denver and New Orleans won their games in convincing fashion while Minnesota squeaks in the door of the unbeaten once again. Vikings escaped defeat b thanks to a missed field goal. The Giants failed from ranks of the undefeated as the Saints handed them their first loss. Kansas City Chiefs and the Oakland Raiders won for the first time in the season. New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady set an NFL record for most touchdowns passes thrown in a quarter when he threw 5 touchdowns against the ailing defense of the Tennessee Titans. Teams I picked did very well in week 6. I actually picked Vikings to win as my write supports my choice but I forgot to erase the Baltimore Ravens which was my choice in week 5 Game. I picked 10 winners out of 14 games for Week 6. I improved little from an atrocious Week 5.

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Saints Shows the Giants No Mercy in 48-27 Beat Down

Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints dominated in what many thought would be a close game against the New York Giants. The fierce pass rush of the Giants was neutralized as Brees and company stayed on the attack. It was not only Drew Brees having his typical mind boggling throwing numbers but it was an entire team effort that pummeled the Giants 48-27.

New York Giants secondary was torched for 368 yards of passing and 4 scores by Brees. He threw the ball long, short, and it did not matter where Brees passed he seemed to find a Saint. At one point, he made 15 consecutive completions. The 4 touchdown passes went to Wide Receivers Marques Colston, Robert Meachem, Lance Moore and Tight End Jeremy Shockey. The running game also took it shots at the Giants number 1 defense as runningbacks Mike Bell, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, and fullback Heath Evans accounted for 3 rushing touchdowns and 133 yards on the ground.

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NFL Week 6: Battle of the Unbeatens

The game to watch this week will be the New York Giants versus the New Orleans Saints. Both teams have been impressive thus far in the season and are undefeated. The winner of this game will be tagged with the Best Team in NFL at the moment. – Your one stop sports fan shop!

1. Atlanta Falcons VS Chicago Bears 8:20pm ET on NBC

Predicted Winner and Score: Chicago Bears 24-17

Atlanta beat a hot San Francisco team last week along with making a mockery of the 49ers’ defense but this week they face another team known for their defense the Chicago Bears. Bears has great defense but an added wrinkle for this year is their offense is pretty good lead by QB Jay Cutler. Wide Receiver Johnny is emerging as another dangerous return man and Devin Hester is becoming a more complete wide receiver. Bears will win knockoff the Falcons.

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Trojans Will Overpower the Fighting Irish

USC will dominate in the game against Notre Dame, because of their outstanding defense. The defensive unit can get to the quarterback and in order to rattle the most pass efficient QB in college Jimmy Clausen, the defense must apply pressure.

Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate must have near perfect game to have chance. If Clausen have a big game looks for him to move to top of the list of Heisman hopefuls. If he somehow he can lead the Fighting Irish passed the Trojans then he becomes the frontrunner but that is a big if.

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Red River Rivalry Among Friends

The best of friends will meet on the gridiron in this year Red River Rivalry between the 3rd ranked Texas Longhorns and the 20th ranked Oklahoma Sooners. Oklahoma’s Quarterback Sam Bradford and Texas’s QB Colt McCoy have shown the world they are the best of friends. What friend will have bragging rights for winning the Red River Rivalry after Saturday’s game. McCoy does not have his usual mistake free passing as he have thrown for 6 interceptions compared to throwing only 8 picks for the entire season last year. McCoy is on a team that I considers one of the best in the nation. Bradford high hopes for the season were dashed with a shoulder injury and his team taking two losses.

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