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NFL Week 3 Wrap-up


Brett Favre added to his resume of improbable comebacks, Tennessee Titans are still trying to find their way, and the Dallas Cowboys finally get victory in their new stadium. Oh I did not forget the LOSING STREAK is finally over for the Detroit Lions, as they beat the Washington Redskins for their first victory in nearly two years. Taking look at my predictions, I did not do that well. I picked 10 out of 16 games correct, but I hope to improve with my picks with the upcoming games this week. Score under Prediction is what I expected but the final score is the actual result of the game.

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NFL Week 3 Predictions

Atlanta Falcons VS New England Patriots Winner: New England 24-21

An interesting game because New England usually does not lose back to back games. Tom Brady and company should get back on track with this game. Matt Ryan is showing that his rookie season was no fluke and that he is the real deal. The new acquisition in Tony Gonzalez should greatly affect the outcome of this game because he is good Red Zone target for Matt Ryan. Patriots run defense is suspect and the running game for Atlanta could easily exploit their weakness. Michael Turner must have a breakout game to make this game competitive, because it will open up passing game for Matt Ryan. I still give the upper hand to Patriots because I expect the real Tom Brady to show up.

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Not So Super Fight: Bernard Hopkins VS Roy Jones

Two fighters who have storied careers will finally fight in rematch that has been 16 years in the making. Roy Jones won first meeting that took place in 1993 to claim the Middleweight crown. The rematch is planned for 2010, but for fans I must say this fight is almost 10 years too late. Both fighters are passed their prime, and if I had to choose a fighter to win it would be Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins proved that despite his age he can still beat top flight competition such as his win over WBC and WBO Middleweight Champion Kelly Pavlik in a non-title defense fight.

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Perfect Storm Brewing at the U

Miami Hurricanes football program once struck fear in opposing teams, but that was almost two decades ago when the current coach Randy Shannon was player at the U. Hurricanes have been a light shower compared to great teams of the past; however, this year, the forecast has spotted a Hurricane team that is building a monstrous momentum that may touchdown right in the middle of a BCS Bowl.

Hurricanes must have a perfect storm of a season to get the opportunity but a perfect season may not be enough. If Miami is able to run the table they would be very deserving of a shot at a National Title. The team plays the Hokies of Virginia Tech Saturday at 3:30 in Bladensburg, Virginia and the following week they play Oklahoma Sooners. Both games will be tough and must win games for the Canes They are playing contenders; therefore, if they get the job done on the field then it would be a travesty not see them face that other Florida team led by Heisman winner Tim Tebow.

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Give the Boxing Fans What They Want to See

Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. won his match against Juan Manuel Marquez in his return to a sport that he dominated before retiring. His return and great showing looks as if he return will be marked by more dominance. Manny Pacquio may have something to say about being most dominant boxer in the sport. Manny Pacquio next fight is against Miguel Cotto on November 14, 2009 MGM Grand, Las Vegas Nevada.

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Jets Talks the Talk and Wins

New York Jets rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez was off to a slow start but how he and the Jets finished is all that counts. The New England Patriots high flying passing attack with Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Joey Galloway was grounded. It was due in part to the pressure Jets applied on Tom Brady. Brady’s rhythm was off the whole game.

Sanchez throws for the only touchdown of game that went to tight end Dustin Keller from 9 yards out. The real story of the game was the Jets’ defense. It kept the Patriots from scoring a touchdown. It is a very difficult task to keep the Patriots from scoring touchdowns, but the Jets’ defense made it look easy.

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Huskies do not Rollover for the #3 Trojans

Washington Huskies was not having any of the nonsense that an intruder would come to their home field and get a victory. It did not matter if they were named USC Trojans the best Pac 10 since forever. They bit down hard on the Trojans who was without their starting quarterback Matt Barkley. The Trojans follows a new tradition of winning a big game in the previous week to lose the following week. Last year Oregon State had the Trojans number and now the Huskies follow with their twist on Trojans new found tradition.

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Dear Dallas Cowboys

I cannot truly analyze the biggest game in the NFL this week, the Dallas Cowboys versus the New York Giants. I am a Dallas Cowboy fan; therefore cannot be too impartial; however, I have decided to write a post or letter to my favorite team. I want the Boys to win with that said let me touch bases with my favorite team.

Dear Dallas Cowboys,

Cowboys your team have been the news for your scoreboard, astronomical ticket prices, and need I forget the over billion dollar price tag paid for your new stadium but, the headlines I was looking for “Dallas is best team in the NFC and will make it to the Super Bowl.”

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NASCAR Let the Chase Begins

12 drivers enter one will win, the NASCAR equivalent to baseball’s World Series, The Chase begins with the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on September 20, 2009. World Series is seven games if competition is great, but the Chase is 10 races. Who will be champion maybe decided early, but the point system almost gives everyone chance.

Maximum points a driver can earn is 195 points and where they finish will determine the amount of points received. It should be noted for a lap and most laps led will give the driver 5 points for accomplishing each of the feats just named. 185 points is rewarded to the winner. The very minimum points that can be rewarded to the driver are 34 points, and the driver must finish no lower than the 43rd place.

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Bills Gift Wrap Victory for Tom Brady’s Return

Buffalo Bills made a valiant effort in the game until the Bills of old decided to show up. Bills violated that unwritten rule of the NFL and that is not to give Tom Brady the ball back with time on the clock. In Brady’s return, he was more Jimmy Olsen than Clark Kent until late in the game. Bills provided the phone booth and finally the Superman the fans know as the real Tom Brady showed up. The Bills did not help their cause as they looked like a contender early by pressuring Brady and moving the ball with their no huddle offense; however, the Bills turned into a pumpkin late.

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