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Federer for 6th U.S. Open Title


Roger Federer begins his quest to become champion of the U.S. Open Tennis for sixth consecutive time. Ranked number 1 in the world and possibly the greatest men tennis player ever will be matched against Devin Britton in the first round. I favor him to win the entire tournament because of his dominant play in the past. He will be challenged by the other 63 players especially from arch rival of sorts Rafael Nadal. The people of Flushing Meadows, New York and all tennis fans would be in for treat if the two tennis juggernauts, Federer and Nadal would collide for another memorable test of skill and will in the U.S. Open Final. I expect Federer to dismantle his competition with the superb play that he brings every tournament.

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Eagles’ “QB Shuffle” with Two Left Feet and Win

Michael Vick, it is good to have him back on the field, and he can only improve upon the performance he had last night. Who would have thought the quarterback known for his legs would be perfect with the four passes he attempted. The passes were few shuffle passes, but it is baby steps for now and it was ok.

The more pressing question for the Philadelphia Eagles is how does the team make the “Quarterback shuffle” work and be effective? From the highlights I saw on Sports Center, it clearly supports what I stated in yesterday blog post, it disrupts rhythm. Your starting Quarterback should be taking every snap as have I mentioned before. The offense was slightly hindered by the shuffling of Vick and McNabb, but the Jaguars could not take advantage, because the Eagles came away with a 33-32 victory.

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Back to Amaze???

The most talked about and most anticipated return to the National Football League of a quarterback not named Favre takes place against the Jacksonville Jaguars tonight with the return of Michael Vick. Fans like me wonder will it be the same number “7” that was potential highlight waiting to happen with every snap from center. With over 3,000 yards on the ground in his career, it easily shows that Vick is the best running quarterback and by far the most electrifying QB to ever play in the NFL that I ever saw. The passing thing well let just say a completion percentage of nearly 54 percent is just what it is mediocre.

Vick’s speed and his ability to run the ball maybe the greatest asset to his game, and with the emergence and widespread use of the Wildcat formations, he becomes more of a potential threat to defenses. Now the biggest question that will not be answered tonight, but how do Eagles’ plan to use Vick in the regular season along with Donovan McNabb. Quarterback position deals with rhythm and do the coach break up that rhythm to get Vick some snaps. McNabb is a great quarterback who should be calling the signals every play and the Wildcat is more gadgetry than anything else. A team cannot win on consistent basis with package that replaces starting QB with the backup quarterback even if it is Michael Vick who is a proven winner.        

For tonight all eyes will be on Michael Vick, he will be back where he belongs and that is on the field. His debt to society has been paid and hopefully he does not screw up this chance to play again but more importantly as a person his life does not sink to level that he saw in the previous two years. Excitement of weaving through defenses, hurdling would-be tacklers, and just putting the “How did he” or “Did you see that” back into the game is needed. As a fan I say it is required. Hopefully we as fans get a glimpse of old Mike and truly answer the question is he

“Back to Amaze?”

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Sporty Mouth and Cannot Keep Quiet

Will the Florida Gators be BCS Champs, can the Phillies win back to back World Series, or will the rookie Mark Sanchez win the starting QB position for the New York Jets are few topics that may be talked about in my post.  I am fan of many sports and random posts will show just how much of a fan I am. I hope it will bring all to add their input which is always welcomed.  They are good things to come and all sports-minded individuals please do chime in and do not keep quiet, because I want to hear your Sporty Mouth.

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