11 Benefits to Using an Optimizer for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

11 Benefits to Using an Optimizer for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

There are numerous benefits of using an optimizer for Daily Fantasy Sport. The list below is small, but you get the picture. An optimizer can be quite helpful to anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports. At the end, you will see a video regarding use of an Optimizer. Listen to the video as provide shout out to one of the readers of my book and his help with the modification of the code to build a optimizer for a different Daily Fantasy Sport, such as hockey

List Benefits of a Daily Fantasy Sports Optimizer

1. Saves Time creating several lineups.
2. Helps you be more objective when selecting your Daily Fantasy Sports lineups
3. Optimizer can be modified to fit almost any fantasy sport
4. Allows you to put your DFS strategy in code automate your selection process
5. Great to create lineups to hedge against certain possibilities
6. Helps you tackle stats intensive sports such as DFS baseball
7. It allows you to be different from the competition
8. You can always add features to improve how your Optimizer executes your DFS strategy
9. You can create filters to customize what players will be in your Draft pool for your DFS lineups
10. Optimizer uses Excel apart of Microsoft Suite probably already on your computer, and it uses OpenSolver an Open source Add-in for Excel.
11. Most of your competition will still be at the mercy of being dependent upon others for buying lineups.

There nothing wrong with buying lineups but you can do the research yourself if you have the time. You can help yourself by learning more about your DFS sport. Optimizer is as good as the information or data you use; therefore, it almost in some way pushes to do more research. Below in the video checkout how one of my readers of my book series used the code to create an optimizer for Daily Fantasy Sports Hockey. It really shows you can do several different things with the information from Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer or Blueprint for a Winning Daily Fantasy Sports Basketball Optimizer.