11 Benefits to Using an Optimizer for your Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup

There are numerous benefits of using an optimizer for Daily Fantasy Sport. The list below is small, but you get the picture. An optimizer can be quite helpful to anyone interested in Daily Fantasy Sports. At the end, you will see a video regarding use of an Optimizer. Listen to the video as provide shout out to one of the readers of my book and his help with the modification of the code to build a optimizer for a different Daily Fantasy Sport, such as hockey

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Create a Feature to Compare Daily Fantasy Sports Players

There are more than a few ways you can use Excel to help you conquer Daily Fantasy Sports. You will see an overview of a feature you can use to compare Daily Fantasy Sports players to the players on the opposing team. The tool compares the players’ projections.

The tool consist of dropdown menus, Index and Match formulas and the use of nested IF statements to achieve the results that make this comparison tool useful. It will compare Daily Fantasy Sports players by position. For example, it would compare the Washington Wizards’ points with the Boston Celtics’ point guards. It will use the defense of each team to ensure you obtain the correct projections for each player.

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New Book To Help you Create A Daily Fantasy Sports Football Optimizer

Many people will ask why do people use Excel spreadsheets to create Daily Fantasy Sports lineups. I like using spreadsheets because it allows me to customize my data that will hopefully get the best players into a draft pool. Many of you probably have looked at the various YouTube videos to help build a basic Daily Fantasy Sports football optimizer. Whatever helps, you get the basics, but you really start unleashing the power of Excel in fantasy sports when you start to ask the correct questions.

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How Excel Saves You Time Creating Worksheets filled with Sports Stats

The use of the Index and Match formula is great help when creating an Excel worksheet for you Daily Fantasy Sports data. The use of the Left function in Excel greatly improves the Match portion of the Index Match formula when names of sports teams differ in how they are represented on each site.

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The Use of Excel to help Your Fantasy Basketball Picks

In the video below, you will learn how I use the Index and Match formula to create a worksheet filled with various sports data from various Excel spreadsheets. There are will be another video to follow to help you with the Match portion of the Index and Match formula.

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